Migrant workers should note: in a few years, these industry workers are no longer “popular”, early preparation

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Our country’s economy has been rapid development, the economic development of city and countryside appearance has changed, the change of the city is bigger, a few years we will see cities do not have a lot of buildings and shopping center was built, and the rural appearance is changed dramatically, thatched has become a brick houses, dirt roads into the oil way parker.But the rural economy has not been significantly improved, villagers still rely on the land to survive, they will go to cities to find jobs.Do they work in service industries or construction? They certainly earn more in the cities than in the countryside, but this situation may not last long.Because some people speculate that in a few years, these migrant workers will no longer be popular, migrant workers should pay attention to it, so that we can prepare earlier.▲ Migrant Workers in the coal industry We know that people who are engaged in mining coal are very rich, and the workers are very tired. In the past, there were a lot of small coal mines, which were basically manual coal mining, so there were a lot of coal miners, and these coal miners are generally rural people.Now the mining technology is very advanced, and those backward coal mines have been eliminated, requiring less labor than before.And now the degree of mechanization of coal mining is also improving.Therefore, in the future coal miners will be greatly reduced, replaced by a variety of advanced coal mining robots, manipulator and a small number of technical engineers.These will replace the original manual, but also will be very good to complete the task, even in the reclamation of what problems, will not cause a lot of loss.▲ Coal Industry intensive enterprises What is intensive enterprises?In fact, such factories as electronics and clothing factories.These industries are characterized by the need for a large number of labor, many early dropouts will work in these factories, these factories are generally assembly line work mode, eat on time off work on time and so on, strong work intensity also makes their wages a little higher.Now it’s all about technology. In the future, these jobs may be replaced by robots.In some American companies, simple tasks have been replaced by robots.This kind of situation will happen, and some of our country’s enterprises have begun to relocate, some places abroad wages are relatively low, the labor force is also very sufficient.Many rural people have been engaged in the construction industry after entering the city. The difference between rural people and urban people is that villagers can bear hardships, and we will see a lot of old people on the construction sites.How can construction sites not recruit migrant workers in the future?This is because the construction industry is also a simple repetitive labor, but also can be replaced by machinery.Our country is very focused on the protection of nature, such as steel, petrochemical and other polluting industries, due to the need for pollution control, these small and medium-sized enterprises closed, only those enterprises that can solve the source of pollution or there is no environmental pollution factors exist enterprises.As a result, people working in these polluting industries have to look for new jobs.It is true that the society is progressing and that science and technology are the primary productive forces.In the future, these industries are likely to be replaced by robots, and the labor force of migrant workers is no longer needed. They’d better work in cities now and earn more money for themselves.