The Chinese women’s basketball team has added 7 new positive athletes

2022-08-06 0 By

The latest news of China Women’s Basketball Team after 2 members of the national women’s Basketball team tested positive for nucleic acid on February 14, the latest nucleic acid test results of all members showed that 7 new positive.The Cba immediately reported the situation to the Chinese Embassy and decided to set up a green channel in special hospitals to provide timely diagnosis and treatment as needed.We urgently requested Beijing Youan Hospital to appoint 7 experts, including the president, vice president, director of medical Service, director of infection Department and director of infection control Department, to form a team to provide telemetry guidance and consultation services;The requirement of one nucleic acid test on the first, fourth, seventh and fourteenth days will be adjusted to one test every day.Thanks to the fans for their keen concern for Chinese women’s basketball team.The Chinese Basketball Association will mobilize all efforts to help the team overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and bring the girls back home safely.Chinese Basketball Association editor: Zeng Jiajia Process editor: Tai Shaofeng