NBA All-Star day one!Nike “lost” too thoroughly, Adidas and Puma are very impressive

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NBA all-star weekend began, the first day is a rookie and masters, the elder brother of the dog didn’t too concerned about the game, entertainment properties of the two games is thick, americans look at feel quite good, but for people we like intense interesting games, see it not bottom go to, a lot of rookie name also don’t know all, also some general, however,Dog brother still paid attention to the rookie shoes, Nike watch is not much, Adidas is the most surprising, Puma is also very good.Let’s start with the most surprising. Houston Rockets’ Jaylon Green chose a pair of adidas shoes, not any other style, to officially meet Gil Zero, and his top foot is dog’s favorite “Under Crown” color, which is also known as “reverse Crown”.A lot of people are expecting him.All-star rookie, adi camp jay took the lead on the foot of this pair of shoes, horizontal moving in appearance, with low help shoes height, directly above the ankle, it’s 16 years ago, a pair of shoes, the concept of adi was still very advanced, the design feeling of the shoes is very strong, the elder brother of the dog feel can kill now adidas signature shoe, the Gil Zero return,The midsole is the original, and Formotion technology has been retained.Not only is it worse, but it also features Boost cushioning, which should make it into the list of the best shoes of the year 2022, right?Jay’s upper foot style is “Under Crown”, with many details of color matching. The combination of white and pink is very suitable for the current public aesthetic, and the design can not only be out of the street, but also can be used in real life. Dog thinks that this pair of shoes is the best.Adidas if all the classic style in accordance with this way of design, the dog brother think they really have a fight with Nike, now The strategy of Adidas, is obviously in the muck, of course, early word of mouth so good, one thousand later combat pulled down how to do?As far as Gil Zero’s shoes are concerned, they are not good in actual combat and have good appearance. They can be matched out of the street.Second bright eye, the elder brother of the dog think is three feet ball Puma MB1, this is his first signature shoes, this pair of shoes at first exposure, the elder brother of the dog didn’t laugh at him less, the appearance of the shoes with the image of the three goals, really a little “which zha three prince” feeling, the design of the neckline side, really too play, however, the elder brother of the dog see a few eye this pair of shoes,With his good color scheme, it’s kind of flattering.The shoe is MB1 in fluorescent color, which is a joint design of “Rick and Morty”. The more you look at it, the more interesting it becomes. The embroidered pattern of the collar and the TPU support structure of the heel are actually a way of expressing the “Fibonacci sequence”, which is also reflected in Ross iii.Puma MB1 shoes have three balls of logo on the tongue, the whole pair of shoes matches his tattoo perfectly. The shoes adopt full NITRO FOAM technology, which is similar to most of Puma’s basketball shoes, but this pair of shoes wins in details, it is Puma’s first signature shoes after returning to the field of basketball shoes, no longer retro, nor particularly exaggerated.He announced in Puma language that we were back!He chose Nike Soldier XI, a pair of shoes from many years ago. His Soldier series is a combat weapon. The boy always likes 歘 these shoes.His shoes are fresher and use a white and blue gradient scheme, with some dark lines of letters and stars, which is very stylish and, I have to say, very tasteful.It is the first time I have seen Nike Zoom GT Cut on Cunningham’s feet. The matching color is very beautiful. The upper is painted in light pink, with some dark grain embellishment.It’s kind of nice.Ayo Dosunmu also has Nike Zoom GT Cut, but the color scheme is different. This color scheme has the feeling of EVA model. The upper is mainly white, the tongue is black, the midsole is lavender and purple is deepened, and the outsole is fluorescent green, which is quite beautiful.What would it feel like?Maxi is wearing Nike Cosmic Unity, also known as “garbage shoes”, is also a very strong team, he is wearing this is exclusive PE color, vamp is more elegant, add pink embellish, swoosh side looks more special, appearance level is also good.Halliburton also has good taste. He chose a pair of old shoes, which are co-branded by OW and Nike. The Hyperdunk 2017 is not bad in appearance, and as a Virgil style, it is very classic.Maybe he is the most fashionable style.Kuoming add choice is a pair of Nike Kobe 8, the slow shock configuration of full palm Luna, now see more general, but do not hinder this is a pair of actual combat good shoes, close your eyes in the alliance to see, certain someone will wear ZK series, this may be the popularity of this series, may be the reputation of Kobe, but also may be “no shoes can wear” embarrassment.Jaden McDaniels is wearing a Nike KD14, which is his own PE, and dog is not very impressed with the shoe. The pattern on the upper affects the appearance of the shoe, but his performance is good. It would be nice if he had a color scheme to hide the pattern.Next, we look at the shoes of UA. Rotri wears a pair of Future Flow, which is also a Customed style with low upper style and low profile. There is a Velcro design on the upper position of the shoe, which looks very simple.Adidas side, Mr Cees on foot is DON Issue 3 this pair of shoes, Mitchell’s signature shoe, the dog brother introduced to everyone before color matching, appearance is very high, the instep with black backing, details to join the patterns of the galaxy nebula, deep and attractive, the Milky Way design combined with shoes, are generally not classic, although this pair of shoes can not reach such a high level,But Dog thinks it looks good.Jalen Suggs included adidas T-Mac 2.0 shoes in a beautiful color palette, called “SVSM,” Or Jayne’s high school color, with dark green uppers with gold streaks and large areas of patent leather, which looked really good except that the silhouette was a little puffy in some ways.Now, Brittney Elena protrudes the “Zoom Kobe 5 Protro” Protro Protro shoes look Protro! True, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true!Jack Harlow chose NB shoes. Some time ago, the brand just released KAWHI II signature shoes, and CAM was still injured, so no one exposed these shoes in NBA. Fortunately, the brand found a star to wear the shoes.CAM’s generation 2 signature shoes. How do you like them?Nick DePaula is an old basketball player. He chose a pair of very old shoes, Nike LeBron 4, which Nike has not brought back to him. There are not many of them in the world.Machine Gun Kelly looks really thin. He chose the Air Jordan 11 shoes, which are very classic, and the color matching is relatively ordinary. The color matching of “Cool Grey” that we met some time ago is relatively low-key, and the overall collocation is not bad with his fancy ball suit and tattoo.Finally, Quavo, his foot is Trae Young 1 this pair of shoes, originally is the “All Star” color, but brother may feel that is not enough personality, so they Custom a little, a lot of details, the shoes themselves color is good, plus Custom patterns, more handsome.Gil Zero “reversed the crown”, the audience was dim, puma’S MB.01 joint name is also very handsome, in a shoe style is very bright.Although Nike has a lot of shoes, there are few highlights. Apart from ZOOM GT CUT, other styles are either old or lack of novelty, which makes them tired after watching too many.While UA and NB, it seems that they are not ready yet, looking forward to their performance in the following tournaments.Well, that’s it for this article. Which shoes do you think are the most eye-catching?Welcome to comment backstage and discuss with dog brother.