It’s held every three years!Fujian will set up the Fujian Charity Award

2022-08-06 0 By

April 6, according to the Fujian Daily · new Fujian client reported that the reporter recently learned from the provincial civil affairs bureau, approved by the central government, agreed to set up fujian Charity Award, the sponsor unit for the provincial people’s government, the organizer unit for the provincial Civil Affairs Department, held every three years.This year, Fujian province will hold the first Fujian Charity Award selection and commendation. It plans to commend units, individuals, volunteer service and other loving teams, charity projects and charitable trusts that have made outstanding contributions in the field of charity in 2019. The total number of commendations will not exceed 85.Award categories include model charity, Outstanding Charity Project (charitable trust), Charitable donation enterprise (organization), charitable donation individual and outstanding charity organization.Province home office recently issued on the implementation of “charity” hand in hand 2022 special operation notice, will focus on the “distress sorrow to” problem, encourage and guide social forces to carry out the poor, and lifted the old save solitary, assistive disadvantaged areas such as charitable activities, strive to mobilize the entire province charitable organizations at all levels throughout the year planning the implementation of more than 500 charity projects and activities,No less than 1 million people have been helped by charity.According to the notice, this year, according to the general deployment of “seasonal theme, monthly activities”, the province will widely guide all kinds of charitable organizations to carry out relevant charitable projects or activities independently or jointly based on various themes and based on the actual needs of the masses by adopting various support methods such as capital, materials, intelligence and services.We will strive to increase the number of charitable assistance projects and the number of charitable assistance by no less than 5% over the previous year.Encourage local governments to provide policy and financial support for the implementation of charitable projects or activities.In order to strengthen the digital connectivity of charity and promote charity for all, Fujian province will build the “Fujian Charity Hand-in-Hand” information platform, providing comprehensive services such as releasing charity resources and demands, promoting charity projects, and displaying the presence of charity organizations.At present, the platform (phase I) has started trial operation.(Reporter Pan Yuanyuan)