Intangible cultural Heritage + folklore!Changzhi craftsman show unique skills “tiger” like many

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People add ambition tiger add wings, snow dance every day new harvest.The year of the Tiger has arrived, changzhi craftsmen with colorful tiger elements, combined with intangible cultural heritage and folk customs have shown unique skills, produced a auspicious, happy and festive tiger shaped works, for the New Year to add a thick flavor.”Paper-cut tiger” : scissors under non genetic bearing “the paper-cut works called” tiger cubs make spring “, the center of the star and the surrounding blooming peony moral establishment, peony flower vase below represents good luck, singing and dancing head Dai Hu cap fuwa blessing the motherland prosperity, a ring of copper implies the year of the tiger quality development of national economy.”Licheng County municipal intangible cultural heritage paper-cut project inheritor Yang Fei created “tiger” paper-cut works, in a unique way to welcome the arrival of Yin tiger year.Yang Fei created a large number of tiger theme paper cuts, various tigers in her clever scissors lively “jump out”, showing a strong folk flavor.Referring to non-genetic inheritance, Yang Fei told reporters: “traditional paper cutting sustenance of the people’s expectations for a better life, now the paper cutting has become an art, I will stick to this craft in the future, continue to improve the skills, the traditional folk skills carry forward.””With a tiger at home, I feel safe and happy.Touch the tiger head, eat and wear not worry;It’s perfect to touch a tiger’s tail…”Catchy ballads reflect people’s worship and love for tigers.Recently, on the first floor of Changzhi Wanda Plaza, a tall and powerful “Mighty Tiger” attracted many people to take photos.Zhang Jianwang, the founder of Jinxiu Workshop of Guonan Village, Luzhou District, Changzhi City, and the representative inheritor of the provincial intangible Cultural Heritage project “Shanghai Party Needlework”, showed the cloth tiger here.Zhang Jianwang has been committed to the inheritance and development of “Shangdang Needlewoman red” and “Chinese cloth tiger” for 28 years. With his unique perspective, he has changed his product design ideas and constantly innovated and launched traditional cloth sachets, fu culture and other products on the basis of making traditional cloth tiger.In recent years, Zhang jianwang has gone abroad from the domestic market with cloth tigers.”In the future, we will integrate more modern fashion elements into the creation of a cloth tiger image that fits modern aesthetic concepts.”Zhang jianwang, who is in his 60s, was full of confidence in an interview.”Dough tiger” : steamed a good happy life in lu Cheng District “mo Duo Duo” hua mo shop, 38 year old Shi Xueli production of “Fu Hu” hua mo vivid, charming, attracted many customers to appreciate the purchase.”Tiger shape flower mo meaning to pray for peace, this is my own design of the little tiger shape, after steaming shape full, tiger head tiger brain, I call it ‘fu Tiger’.”Shi Xueli gently picked up a “Fu Hu” hua mo, happily introduced to reporters.”Fu Hu” flower mo production process is exquisite, first of all to select beetroot, pumpkin, butterfly bean flower, dragon fruit and other vegetables and fruits, soak juice, and then mix and match color, using a variety of tools rolling and cutting point, rubbing shape, fermentation steaming stew and more than a dozen processes, to fresh out of the “furnace”.Shi Xueli has been operating huamo shop for four years, and her business is booming. She is often busy from 6 am to 10 PM.”The beautiful steamed bun gives us a full sense of happiness. The Year of the Tiger is here. I wish you all a ‘tiger with wings added’.”Shi Xueli said with a smile.(Source: Changzhi Daily by Chen Yanhua)