Inner Mongolia, North China: Fighting epidemic but returning to work to welcome spring

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The picture shows the orderly resumption of construction projects under construction.On the 15th day of the first lunar month of the Year of the Tiger (February 15), the COVID-19 outbreak broke out in Manzhouli, a border city in China. The next day, The COVID-19 outbreak broke out in Hohhot.Since then, sporadic cases of COVID-19 have appeared in Baotou, Ordos, Bayannur, Alxa League and other places.The health commission of The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region said on Thursday that the region had 84 locally confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of 24:00 On Monday, after 475 cases were reported in the region since February 15.At the same time, the Baotou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and control Headquarters issued a notice saying that the whole baotou city was a low-risk area.According to the Hohhot Municipal Health Commission, there were no new local confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city from 0 to 24:00 on March 12, and there were 60 local confirmed COVID-19 cases.The picture shows the projects under construction in Helinger New Area.Helinger New Area for reporters noticed that many places in Inner Mongolia have started the “rhythm” of orderly resumption of work while fighting the epidemic.On March 9, more than 150 construction workers returned to work in batches at the Hohhot Branch of the Middle School affiliated to Minzu University of China.To facilitate the resumption of work and production, local authorities will check and record nucleic acid test certificates, health codes, travel codes and home addresses of workers who have returned to work, one for each person, and check them one by one with the list provided by the construction party.On the morning of March 12, a special train for migrant workers from Xiaogan, Hubei province, arrived in Helinger New Area, Inner Mongolia.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the bureau connected with labor teams in advance, did a good job in monitoring the health of migrant workers, and hired cars point-to-point to pick up migrant workers to return to their posts. Before entering Hohhot, strict inspection, registration and elimination were carried out.After the resumption of construction, prevention and control work continued in accordance with local requirements.Hohhot and ringo’s new district management committee on March 13, according to the news of the new district in the existing four projects began to return to work and production, respectively, in the new district of Inner Mongolia YunDa express business headquarters base project, the bank of China head office finance technology center and ringo project, shentong wisdom electric business logistics park project, the new city experimental middle school project.In order to ensure safety, the management committee of the new Area has adopted a “one-to-one” initiative for key enterprises to escort them to resume work and production with precision online and offline cooperation.Under the epidemic situation, Hohhot Customs has also made every effort to “resume work and production”.On March 7, Inner Mongolia Beiping Textile Co., Ltd. exported a batch of cashmere scarves worth about 20,000 yuan to Japan, which were approved by Saihan Customs under Hohhot Customs and obtained RCEP certificates of origin, according to Hohhot Customs.With this certificate, this batch of cashmere scarves will enjoy zero tariff preferential in Japan.This is just an epitome of Inner Mongolia fighting the epidemic while resuming work.On March 3, Baotou city held the centralized signing conference of 2022 Spring Investment attraction projects. 27 projects were signed online and offline, involving 11 industrial fields including non-metallic materials, equipment manufacturing, hydrogen energy and industrial chain, trade and logistics, resource recycling and modern agriculture, with a total investment of 69.74 billion yuan.In addition, the reporter learned from the China Second Metallurgical Group, the group has a total of 21 construction projects in Baotou, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the group has been steadily advancing each project.In Ordos City, TMT185 blades, independently developed and produced by Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., LTD., recently rolled off the production line in Ordos Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park.The blade is 91 meters long, which is the longest onshore wind turbine blade that has been offline in China.A total of 21 key projects including the wind power intelligent manufacturing Industrial park were signed in Bayannur City on Tuesday, with a total investment of 35.7 billion yuan, involving the intensive processing of green agricultural and livestock products, new energy, new materials and other industrial projects, according to the city.In Erguna city of Hulunbuir, in the eastern Part of Inner Mongolia, a special team has been set up to advance the preparatory work of key projects in 2022. The team has intervened in the pre-project formalities in advance and actively coordinated with each other to help accelerate the construction of projects.Analysts said that as the epidemic prevention and control situation in Inner Mongolia gradually improves, more enterprises will resume work and production, and the whole grassland will surely blossom as soon as possible.