If dust harem fire, will cause the war of the heavens?If the dust holds?

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been writing online for ten years.Today is Saturday, I am not interested in doing anything, maybe because it is raining all the time.This issue content ten years to say that the gods of the ancient emperor inside those days, and if the dust harem of those beauty behind the standing of the days, his harem fire, will cause the war of the days?If dust pressure live harem beauty?In fantasy novels, the main characters usually have many confidants, and it is rare to find characters like Tang SAN and Han Li. The combination of these confidants is called a harem by book friends.Zhang Ruochen, as a typical figure, was no exception. He had at least ten confidants, estimated to be more than fifteen, and no specific count for ten years.In the TV series, the concubines in the harem fight with each other, even by hook or crook, so in this novel, will the harem catch fire?Ten years that will certainly, but now the time has not arrived, if the dust did not become the peak of the strong, but if the harem is on fire now, whether it will cause the days of war?Do not know the book friends notice, because the progress of Bai Qing son is very fast, to reach the spirit and wu Dao at the same time become infinite god zun point, for this wonderful, no month and wonderful from all felt pressure.Ten years to speak bluntly, wonderful, do not have month and wonderful leave, early evening party becomes a member of harem, now they already mark Bai Qing son, harem is on fire this is one of the factors.Secondly, Chiyao has not become infinite god zun, but she wants to become a harem in charge of the heart has not extinguished, once very capricious, that if the dust only belongs to her.She will have to have some means to become a great lady.Finally, luo 乷 is not easy to provoke, Prajna was her many sarcastic oppression, apparently not a good Lord, days luo god country was she made extremely good, compared to the Chi Yao empress also similar.And if the dust of these confidants, each is a certain force and background, each indirectly have the support of the heavens.For example, queen Chiyao, backed by the Kunlun realm, is supported by the Meteorite, who is a powerful celestial being.Bai Qinger has xinghai anglers behind her, and even the indirect line of Youhuangtian is a bit of a background in the hells.Luo 乷 is also luo Brake nationality, toward the small said luo Yan great station, toward the big said have a day to support.Wonderful Zen women have angry days, Xuanyuan ripple have Xuanyuan hao, are the days of the strong.Therefore, if the dust harem, these women really quarrel, is not good to be with, is not easy to calm down, if the harem fire, ten years think it really may cause a war of the heavens.After all, this is also a sensitive time, the heavens are not the top strong, the real strong are those who are heavenly.So if dust whether pressure to live these confidants?Once snow red dust taught if the dust a few moves, how to deal with the problem of fire hahain, and jacking zunzun is also personally taught, how to face confidante.After ten years of experience, if the dust must have some experience.Now if the dust confidante still calculate get along can, there is no real outbreak of chaos, there was no fratricidal behavior, if once happened, or after the occurrence of ten years that if the dust also pressure field, after all, now if the dust is the most powerful figure in his harem, the strength of the strongest.The above is ten years of this issue content, only represents the personal view, welcome book friends to leave a message together to discuss!