Funny!The New York Times went to great lengths to persuade China to lie down

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More than 860,000 Americans have lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the hard-hearted US media still do not know how to reflect in the mirror. Instead, they have intensified their efforts to smear China’s strict prevention and control.Yesterday, the New York Times took the persistent discrediting of China’s pursuit of zero infection to a new level of ludicrous absurdity with an Opinion piece.”More than 860,000 people have died in the United States, and about 2,000 more die every day,” the New York Times wrote.Describing the tragedy in the US, the New York Times “threatened” that “this could very well be the future for China”, then “brainwashed” that “the world will have to live with the virus” and “urged China to give up and prepare for the epidemic”.The photo was taken from the New York Times’ Chinese Version of Twitter on January 26. The edited article was titled “China’s pursuit of ‘Zero zero’ will put the country in disaster”, and a black-and-white photo of a nucleic acid testing site in Beijing was taken in an attempt to create a “terminal” atmosphere.The language also uninnovatively applies the “China must lose” language, declaring that China’s efforts to eradicate the epidemic “will never win”.The title of the original English article was “China’s zero-covid Policy Is a Pandemic Waiting to Happen”, which means that “China’s zero-clearance Policy Is a potential outbreak at any time”.But the venerable news outlet devoted its article to Chinese language and went even further by changing its headline to “China’s pursuit of zero zero will put the country in disaster”.In keeping with the usual refrain, the article began with a generous acknowledgment of China’s response to the epidemic: “Yes, China has withstood the test of the epidemic so far.Despite having a population roughly four times the size of the United States, China has had fewer than 140,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and fewer than 6,000 deaths since January 2020, according to the World Health Organization.Most factories continued to operate.In the early days of the epidemic, China added thousands of hospital beds in a matter of days.”And that “seems like a huge success compared with the United States’ frantic and often chaotic response,” it said.More than 860,000 people have died in the United States, with about 2,000 dying every day, and many hospitals are in trouble, the New York Times wrote.The economy is damaged.””But this may well be the future for China,” the article says.Its pursuit of ‘zero out’ will prove to be a huge mistake.”Instead, the article claimed that China’s “zero out” policy had left the country “completely unprepared for the novel coronavirus pandemic”.It concluded by declaring that “the Omicron mutation makes the goal of zero elimination impossible, and the world will have to live with the virus.China will always be chasing a moving target and will never win.”This Opinion article was signed by an American doctor and an epidemiologist, and is not an Editorial by the New York Times Editorial board.But the newspaper has spared no effort to endorse and promote the newspaper through its Chinese-English website and multi-lingual Twitter channels.That kind of negativity has been at the heart of The Times’s campaign for some time.Just two days ago, the paper asked “How far can China’s ‘zero out’ policy go?”To encourage China to abandon its efficient epidemic prevention policy.In August last year, the New York Times wrote that China’s zero-tolerance epidemic control model “exposed the limits”, saying that China’s approach had worked in the past, but was no longer sustainable.But five months later, the paper’s assertion has been blown out of the water, and the Chinese people are still not afraid to catch the disease tomorrow, while the number of confirmed cases in the United States continues to rise “sustainably”.Bloomberg, the US news agency, also said the day before yesterday that China’s “zero-zero” quarantine policy was “unsustainable” and urged “top students” to be humble and learn from the experience of other countries around the world.One piece after another of the us mainstream media’s propaganda seems to show that those who have fallen into the “mud pit” are struggling to reach out their hands again and again. Strangely, they are not trying to “help”, but trying to pull China into the “water” to “lie down” together.Many people know that the New York Times’ data visualization work is the benchmark for media around the world.In recent days, the daily number of new cases in the United States has almost reached the top of the chart, which changes from red to dark purple.According to The New York Times epidemic Tracker on Sunday, the daily death toll in the United States has reached 2,362, breaking the previous record set last winter.Every hour, about 100 Americans die from the pandemic.Zeng Guang, a member of the National Health Commission’s high-level expert group and chief scientist of epidemiology at the China CDC, stressed yesterday that China should have its own independent thinking and believe that China can do the best job.Zeng guang said that if China fails to disseminate scientific knowledge, vaccinate and psychologically adjust itself enough, it will blindly follow the recommendations of the WHO expert committee and lift and relax restrictions on international travel now, which will bring disastrous consequences.Zeng Guang judged that China’s national conditions could be dynamically cleared.The fact of more than two years has proved that the comprehensive efficiency of the epidemic prevention and control measures we have taken is very good.Although the difficulty and cost of prevention and control have increased significantly since the emergence of Omicron, I think this increase is not inevitable. It is related to the imprecise prevention and control and the lack of some scientifically guided prevention and control measures.Net source | observer