From tomorrow, xinglin Bridge out of the island direction restricted!And these traffic alerts

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The jimei Bridge interchange upgrade and renovation project was launched on April 26. Construction of binhu Road in Haicang District began.How was the traffic on these roads during yesterday’s morning rush hour?Xiamen Daily reporter learned from the traffic police department that the surrounding traffic is still in the buffer period, during the construction, please detour in advance according to the signs.In addition, please drivers attention, from tomorrow to Friday, xinglin Bridge out of the island direction traffic restrictions.Xinglin Bridge (out of the island direction) bridge load test construction needs, March 30 (tomorrow) to April 1 (Friday), every day from 0 to 6 (only at night), xinglin Bridge out of the island direction during the construction of road traffic restrictions.Mainly has three sections of road closed, almond shaped the bridge the island road closed (containing long shore road in the direction of the almond shaped bridge, successful road in the direction of the almond shaped bridge, as well as Hong Kong middle road, Po road in the direction of the almond shaped bridge), a ban on vehicle traffic, limited vehicles need to detour, haicang bridge or haicang bridge in xiamen, jimei bridge tunnel.On the 26th of this month, haicang District Binhu Road (binhu Second road to Cangtong road entrance section) began construction of enclosure.Access has been restricted on both sides of the road.Haicang public security sub-bureau traffic police brigade Zhong Shan squadron captain Yellow Sea told reporters, yesterday the overall traffic smooth, traffic police departments in the construction of the block set up a special turn area, convenient vehicles rerouted.In addition, the construction road itself has little influence on regional traffic, and the overall traffic order is normal.Yesterday morning, binhai West avenue tongan into the island direction of the car more slowly, the section is part of the jimei Bridge bridge interchange upgrade project.From 26th of this month, construction team closed binhai West Avenue right turn Lehai Road direction ramp for construction, the original single-lane binhai West Avenue left turn into island ramp widened to one-way 2 lanes.”On weekdays morning and evening peak traffic into the island direction of Tongan is large, the current construction containment has been set up, the site of additional traffic police command traffic, surrounding traffic is still in the buffer period.”Jimei public Security sub-bureau traffic police brigade Jimei squadron captain Chen Bin reminds, binhai West Avenue to Lehai Road direction traffic flow (namely to Xiamen North station vehicles), according to the road sign instructions to detour in advance.Traffic police remind, during the construction period, please the general public to choose a reasonable way of travel, past vehicles according to the road traffic signs in advance detour, obey the command and guidance of the police and management personnel on the scene.(Xiamen Daily reporter Ke Kaijun)