Does Lin Gengxin’s work just rub around?I used to rub against Wang Sicong, now I rub against Su Yiming

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On Feb. 15, when the stars congratulated Su for winning, only Lin went to su’s comment section and wrote, ‘Send me up there, I’m familiar with him.’The result was 2,665 replies, and Lin’s wish was indeed fulfilled. His comment was shown in the front row of Su’s comments section, but netizens laughed out loud when they read it, and the discussion point went astray.Su and Lin worked together on the 2014 film the Taking of Tiger Mountain.Some people dug out old photos of him and Su and praised him for being blessed to have watched the Olympic champion grow up and to have a photo taken early.Some people dug out the past posts of Su yiming and found that Su had repeatedly @Lin Five years ago, such as New Year’s greetings, filming and filming, and daily life, but Lin didn’t reply, so they thought what Lin said today was still familiar and a little bit of heat suspicion.Others found Mr. Lin’s following list and found that he had followed Ms. Su only in the past few days.Netizen said: Internet memory really can not erase, the person is not red you ignore, red to ceng!Although Lin Gengxin has been popular in the entertainment industry for so many years, his works are really few and can be traced back to the era of “Bu Bu Jing Xin”.There is little news about Lin Gengxin’s work, but a lot of news about his lace and popularity.Now I rub against Su Yiming, before I rub against Wang Sicong.When Wang Sicong was a juggler in the entertainment industry, he was so famous that many stars wanted to get in touch with the prince.At that time, Lin Gengxin appeared on a variety show and said in public, “I know Wang Sicong very well.”In fact, Lin gengxin didn’t know Wang Sicong at all at that time, and he didn’t know whether he spoke out during the show or wanted to rub off on Wang Sicong’s enthusiasm. Anyway, he spoke out.When Wang Sicong heard that Lin gengxin said he knew him well, he directly said, “Who is Lin Gengxin?I don’t know him.”Worthy of being the “entertainment industry discipline inspection Commission”, it did not leave any mercy to Lin Updates.After Lin Gengxin and Wang Sicong got along, they were more like big brother and little brother than good friends.Wang Sicong and Lin Update in the game live, Wang Sicong because of Lin Update technology dishes, in the process of live scolding Lin Update, Lin update atmosphere dare not out.Lin Update na!Rub other people’s heat is better than to improve their own!