Steam can’t find a solution

2022-08-05 0 By

Planet Rise and the famous MMORPG game Legend 4 belong to Wemade company, so the majority of netizens nicknamed the Star Wars version of Legend 4, is also a very fun and can move bricks of the game.Planet Rise is available on Steam, but many players wonder if they’ve got the game’s name wrong, and wonder if there’s any other name for the game. Here’s what planet Rise is called on Steam, and how you can’t find it.The official name of Planet Rise is Rise of Stars, which has been translated to rise of Planets/Rise of Planets.Players can’t find rise of Planets on Steam when they search for translations like Rise of Stars. The reason is that the game is closed to the Chinese Steam store.First of all, you need to log out of your Account on the Steam PC client and your mobile phone.After confirming that all have quit, open the strange travel acceleration tool, search for planet rise to accelerate.In the acceleration page, press to start the game.After the store page is loaded, the system will pop up the Installation box of Rise of Stars. After confirming the installation, you can put it into the library and download it.Note: This method can only be used after planet Rise is officially unlocked in March 2022, otherwise it will not succeed!Above is xiaobi for you about the rise of the Planet steam called and can not find the solution on Steam, hope to help you, interested in this game players can keep watch.