Shanghai Spring Festival holiday weather forecast: there will be two precipitation, the temperature is lower than usual

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the heaviest rain and snow in China this year are still underway.Last night this morning, Shanghai Jiading, Qingpu, Songjiang, Jinshan, Minhang and other places appeared short light snow, let the long-awaited partners feel happy, it is flying snow to welcome spring, auspicious snow boding good harvest.The holiday is coming soon, the mood is not already flying, come and see the weather of Shanghai during the Spring Festival holiday.On January 29, the Paper ( learned from the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau that the Spring Festival holiday in Shanghai was mainly procedural weather. There was a precipitation process on February 2-3 and late on February 6, among which there was light rain or sleet at night on February 2.2nd to 4th east of Yangtze River estuary and Shanghai coastal sea surface gust of force 7 ~ 8.In terms of temperature, Shanghai meteorological department estimates that the average temperature during the Spring Festival is lower than the same period of the year (5.5℃), with the highest temperature of 6 ~ 9℃ and the lowest temperature mostly in 1 ~ 3℃.In the morning of January 31 and February 5, under the influence of radiation cooling, the temperature was low. The extreme minimum temperature was 1℃ in the urban area, and -4 ℃ ~ -2 ℃ in the suburbs. There was thin ice or freezing.In addition, there was fog in some parts of the city on the morning of January 31.After joint consultation with Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Shanghai will have light pollution process from the night of January 31 to the day of February 1 due to the influence of upstream pollutants transport;On February 5, the atmospheric diffusion conditions were poor, and there was temporary light pollution.The air quality in other periods is mainly good.Looking at east China, during the Spring Festival, the northern part of East China is mainly cloudy to sunny weather, the central part of East China is sunny and rainy, the southern part of East China is rainy;The temperature fluctuates slightly;The atmospheric diffusion conditions in central and northern Parts of East China are general. The central and northern parts of the Yangtze River Delta will have mild haze and moderate haze.The sea off the southern coast of East China has strong wind.From January 31 to February 3, rainy weather continued in southern East China, including heavy rain in parts of Jiangxi and Fujian on February 2-3.Most of Anhui, most of Jiangsu, northern Jiangxi, northern Zhejiang have rain and snow on February 2-3, including southern Anhui and Dabie mountains, southern Jiangsu, northern Jiangxi, northwestern Zhejiang have medium to heavy snow, local blizzard.From February 6, there will be another rain and snow in most of East China from west to east.It should be noted that from the morning to the morning of January 31, there will be fog in southern Anhui, southern Jiangsu and central and northern Zhejiang.Shanghai meteorological department reminds: 1, the early Spring Festival and February 6 in parts of East China have obvious rain and snow weather, rain and snow weather, need to prevent the road snow and ice, wet road on the adverse impact of the Spring Festival travel.If you have travel plans, please keep an eye on road information and the latest weather forecast.In the morning of January 31st, there will be fog in some parts of east China. Please arrange your travel reasonably. Drivers should pay more attention to road traffic safety.3. During the Spring Festival, the sea surface wind in the southern coast of East China is relatively strong, which has a certain impact on water passenger transport. Pay attention to relevant information in time and take precautions.4. During holidays, the temperature in this city is low. While keeping warm, we should also pay attention to the safety of using fire, electricity and gas.5, please pay attention to personal protection, do not cluster, do not gather, epidemic prevention “three sets”, protection “five also”.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)