Original god: self-selected four-star echelon suggestions, the exclusion of personal preferences, cost-effective is a new pain point

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The lively Hawali festival of the original God is in full swing now. Many travelers mentioned in yesterday’s article that they don’t know who to choose from four stars, and they don’t know how to match. Therefore, THIS article is dedicated to introduce some problems I have seen to the lovely new travelers.Customize how to choose the first is optional four questions, the choice is glass on four roles are optional, and his chums has nothing to do, so don’t miss Bennett, and little Amy, send a four-star customize nor online directly, the task of new activities to do with the jade exchange operator, or small liver, but activity not too boring, at least not pain,Next, I’ll introduce you to the cute new people.The most priority is her daughter Xiang Ling and Xing Qiu, one of the two big six stars. There is no dispute about this. Xiang Ling is very useful in the whole period, and there is no problem that some four-star characters are very strong in the early stage and eat ashes in the later stage.Line autumn is multi-functional background auxiliary C, with fire C has a great effect, even if it is not fire C, he set injury reduction, wet nurse, continuous hanging water in one of the super functionality is also very ridiculous, it is recommended to give priority to these two.Set light to heavy cloud I put in the second tier, set the role of light life can c, with rock team cycle is very unusual, even if there is no rock is of new team in the five-star master c when a very good choice, the disadvantage is feel need to adapt, and makes it difficult to big graduation, if you’re going to rock group team the coagulation light is a good choice;As for heavy cloud need not say more, xiangling due to the abyss to send a so basic everyone has, heavy cloud line autumn can put the national team to play, meng new in the absence of five star role, the national team of four big men pull up is not a loss, now the original god environment is more and more diverse, later with the team will be useful sooner or later.The third tier is Beidou and Yunjin.These two roles are not weak, the reason why they are placed in the third tier is because these two roles are relatively special. The travelers around me have extreme cognition of these two roles, and they like the good ones very much, while they are totally indifferent to the bad ones.These two have similar mechanism, Beidou is suitable for quick cutting team auxiliary C, Yun Jin is general attack guai, they are more targeted, can according to their own choice to start, anyway, Mr. Yun belongs to me.Finally, yan Fei and Xin Yan.Smoke hibana output similar to coagulation, fire C was also good, his wife is also beautiful, but late really no play space (except true love powder), is basically warehouse, so not very recommended;As for Xin Yan, how can I say this? I guess there are some true love fans, but they may not be quite right for most travelers, and the intensity is not good, so there is no need to cultivate them. But again, personal preference is the highest priority.Match team final, article have a lot of travelers match team asked, I just randomly picked a few reply, grows a new match team really need not worry too, early have practice the five-star, five-star forest period not so high strength requirements, follow their preference to good, I hesitated to consult price priority to develop,Wait until you finish the world level and start to feel tired of fighting monsters, hands also have a certain role, at this time to think about the team problem is not too late.For more exciting content, come to the two Eating ape tribe