Controlling the turnover count was the key to winning the fourth straight game!Besides, Lulu missed him

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Hello, I’m Lulu.Guangdong Hongyuan easily defeated Sichuan men’s basketball team 110-76 in the 27th round of CBA, and won the fourth straight game. Congratulations!Before the match, Lulu thought it would be a focus match, because the love and hate between yi Jianlian and Haddadi made every match become a big point of interest for fans. Although they are both in the end of their careers now, the enthusiasm of the two teams is not affected at all.Looking at the whole match, sichuan was not very enjoyable to watch. Guangdong overwhelmed Sichuan from the very beginning, scoring 29:13, 26:22, 32:22 and 23:19 respectively in four quarters to win the match without difficulty.Today, The Guangdong team well controlled their mistakes, the total audience only 11 mistakes is also a new low in recent games, this is undoubtedly the best news for the Guangdong team.From the second stage, Guangdong team fell into the results and training rookie struggle, coupled with the impact of injuries, so that Du Feng’s soldiers quickly ran out of money, and even in a post-match press conference, Du said that he and Zhu Fangyu want to register, now we can see the dilemma they faced at that time.In the case of the loss of results, the team had to put training of new players first, of course, followed by inexperience caused by the rookie mistakes, team losses and so on.But fortunately, under the operation of Zhu Fangyu, Lido registered quickly, like a timely rain after a big drought, calm all the hidden crises inside and outside Guangdong Hongyuan.Now the turnovers are back to normal, the team has won four straight and has a tough game ahead of Li’s Shanghai team, which is currently in second place in the standings.In addition, this game, as the highlight of the Spring Festival war, is also the conclusion of the second stage of the CBA, will officially kick off at 19:35 on January 28, everyone must remember to watch!Let’s cheer for guangdong team!Come on Tigers!Today is the second anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death. For many fans, that day was a nightmare. It’s hard to believe even now.All share well, this is the life of today, if you liked this article, kindly give me some praise ha, because platform changed the push mechanism, fans who thumb up, the first to receive my article, push the last welcome to share this article to more Tigers fans, let’s cheer for the guangdong: come on, Tigers!The next match of Guangdong Team: 19:35, January 28, 2022, Guangdong team vs Shanghai Team, remember to watch!