Yan Hexiang of deyun society is really funny, take an airplane can produce burden, sit and wait to be hit by eldest brother Feng Zhaoyang hang

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Devon community Yan Hexiang so funny, the plane can create burden, waiting for is the eldest brother Feng Zhaoyang hit hung article | young adult rabbit’s cloud world on February 19, Devon community Yan Hexiang issued a dynamic, online about his plane when interesting things happened.The general idea of Yan Hexiang is, when oneself take an airplane, the beverage of a lady beside carelessly gave drink, want a cup again until the other side, oneself just have notice.Seeing this, many netizens were also amused by Yan’s humor, calling Yan really funny, even taking an airplane can produce burden.Of course, there is also a netizen to one, next week Yan Hexiang will return to the small theater performance, this period of time around him also happened a lot of fun things, just sit and wait for feng Zhaoyang hit hanging, will be very wonderful.See netizen so hot discussion, also saw everybody to Yan Hexiang’s affection.Of course, there are also new netizens more curious, recently around Yan Hexiang happened what fun?Is it related to Guo Qilin?See this so inquiry, also saw him to Guo Qilin, Yan Hexiang this pair of partners love.However, these interesting things are not produced together with Guo Qilin, but with yan Hexiang recorded a variety about children.See this, many netizens are also very pleased, after all, Guo Qilin is not at home, zhuang zhuang is not idle.In a few days ago, Yan Hexiang has issued a few status, online about the fun of recording variety shows with children.The first was a little girl who said the big teacher was a frog with a big mouth.To this, Yan Hexiang is also to get to the bottom of the ground, why say he is big mouth frog?The little girl said shyly because of his big mouth.Of course, the video also amused a lot of netizens, after all, children are fearless.And the reaction of the little girl can also feel, Zhuang Zhuang in the program with these children get along very well, these children are also very like Yan Hexiang.The second is even more amusing, several children online said Yan Hexiang “second marriage”.Hearing this, many netizens are also surprised, Yan Hexiang is still single, why children so?It’s better than a crosstalk comedian.In fact, this also does not blame somebody else children, when doing games, Yan Hexiang got two points, children only got one point.Because they did not distinguish the pronunciation of “F” and “H”, they said that Yan Hexiang, who got two points, was “second marriage”.And to the child say so, yan Hexiang still quite be pleased with, after all of this age is strong, do not have resistance to the child affirmation, was full of love between words.In addition to the airplane happened when the fun, these several interesting things are really amused a lot of people.To this, there is familiar with deyun society, familiar with yan Hexiang’s net friend said, such as next week Yan Hexiang returns to small theater, waiting for eldest brother Feng Zhaoyang’s hit hang, that day’s performance will certainly be very wonderful.Indeed, this is why we love Yan Hexiang so much, so look forward to Yan Hexiang’s performance, because usually he has not little accumulation of material.Of course, more importantly, Yan Hexiang’s typhoon is quite stable, giving people a willing to listen to his cross talk, willing to believe everything he said.Seeing this, some netizens asked, How many performances will Yan Hexiang have next week?Did you just play one scene and leave?According to the program of deyun team 4 next week, Yan Hexiang will perform five performances with Feng Zhaoyang.Here, we also look forward to looking forward to yan Hexiang’s wonderful performance.