Subway drivers: Speed up Qingdao from 4 am

2022-08-04 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Guo Zhenliang when the dead of night, when people are still sleeping, in the night before dawn, the early subway driver, already driving the train, Mercedes on the track, for passengers’ safe travel, escort.At 4:00 a.m., the first subway driver for the morning shift arrived at the dispatch room.As front-line workers, they have to go through multiple state checks, including temperature and alcohol tests, mental state and face monitoring, and copy the day’s operating information before receiving their own driving kits.When they leave the shift room and walk to the garage, it marks the beginning of the subway driver’s morning shift.They, wearing neat uniforms, unified left hand to lead the driver’s bag, with a firm step, eyes full of high morale.At 4:30, the morning shift driver came to the train and began train conditioning.16 minutes of early preparation time, but including static, dynamic inspection a total of dozens of inspection content, for them, but already in the heart.They seriously check the equipment on every train, watch every parameter indicator, careful and rigorous, not to miss every detail.5:00, a train of subway, from the garage slowly out.Within 90 minutes, more than 30 trains were put into regular service, covering a total distance of nearly 2,300 kilometers.Such an efficient and orderly operation is the result of countless daily practice of bus drivers.Although there were no passengers on the train at this time, the standard of the early subway drivers was not slacking.Their “fingers” sliced through empty platforms;Their “mouth hoots” rang through the tunnel.At 7:30, the morning rush hour arrived as promised.The idea of sleepy tired such as tidal wave impact on their nerves, the fatigue of the body is also testing their will, their eyes are still bright, concentrated, rigorous driving.In order to ensure normal operation and correct operation of the equipment, drivers on the morning shift need to make 26 finger and mouth calls at each station.Each round trip requires 1144 finger calls;For the entire morning shift, 10,296 finger and mouth calls were needed.They root in the front line, only for passengers to reach the destination smoothly and safely, they silently stick to, to help more people set foot on the way home, they, youth!To do ordinary work well by heart is extraordinary.As Qingdao metro electric bus driver, they constantly study their own business, they constantly hone their own technology, the ordinary work to do extraordinary, for the majority of island city citizens happy steps, add metro acceleration.