Today focus on three plate opportunities, logic is very strong, suggest collection!

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Opening today, focus on a few points, this week’s firm offer strategy is as follows!Weekly qiankun policy, weekly heart does not panic!1. In fact, the market after the Spring Festival has been shared with you.And for this weekend’s news, I’m not working as a mover.There is no need to over-interpret, feedback to the disk, this week as a whole or a word, steady, steady word.2, if you are a short term operator of a small capital volume, then the whole to learn to short positions and see less move, or the words to reduce positions, fast in and out, do not chase high.3. If you are a long-term operator with a large capital volume, now it is time for high-quality stocks to fall to an important support level and enter the end of the warehouse trial construction window.4. Positive factors are increasing. There will be the National Two Sessions in March, and the signal of steady growth will be stronger.5, and about the market after the festival, many times before the emphasis on detailed no longer wordy, in short, now the market is basically those brick masters have hit the face, but it doesn’t matter to them, but retail investors to be responsible for their own, is a real loss.The bottom of the market and mood is not a sudden completion of the bottom, and this year for retail investors to increase the difficulty of operation, this is before the Spring Festival to share to everyone, at the same time do not imagine a big reversal of all of a sudden.6. If you want to look at sector opportunities, focus on relevant branches in the first year, relevant branches in carbon neutrality, and new and old infrastructure (stacking xiongan is preferred).7, in addition, as said before, agricultural expectations are still there, this week will also be different military, but continue to pay attention to, while focusing on good securities, how can the market only look at it.