Taiyuan Yingze District: urban management law enforcement into community governance advertising environment

2022-08-03 0 By

In order to create a clean, comfortable, civilized, harmonious, clean and beautiful festival environment, the law enforcement squadron of the old barracks of Yingze District Law Enforcement Branch played the role of the mechanism of “urban management law enforcement into the community”, and took the initiative to link up with binhe Community and Jinsong community, and carried out environmental sanitation cleaning activities together with social workers, community residents and volunteers.The activity with “propaganda into the community, law enforcement, community and service into the community” as the main content, focused on clearing “considered”, law enforcement team to carry out the “personal style” law enforcement services, focus on cleaning the back streets defends, sundry, wipe out the small ads posted, standardize the bicycle, clean up illegal encroachments lock, eliminate safety hidden trouble, etc.At the same time, law enforcement officers also help resident units hang lanterns to add a festive atmosphere.In the activity, law enforcement officers on the one hand to help clean up the community environment, on the other hand, through education and guidance, enhance the sense of civilization and responsibility of merchants and residents, urge everyone to take the initiative to join in the action of co-governance and co-management.At the same time, the squadron and the community together with the provincial literary federation calligrapher to write Spring Festival couplets, send Spring Festival couplets for the community retired veteran cadres, workers in difficulty, retired soldiers to send Spring Festival couplets, condolence goods and New Year wishes.Environmental health clearances activities not only for neighborhood to raise quality, beautiful appearance, also let the residents feel urban management services more intimate, make the urban management enforcement power truly integrated into the community, service the masses, let the crowd approached, understanding, participation, support and supervision, urban management law enforcement, jointly creating civilized clean and pleasant livable community environment.Source: Taiyuan Evening News