Na Gu town: party members spring winter training to observe and learn to develop ideas

2022-08-03 0 By

January 24, na Gu town to party members spring winter training as an opportunity, organizing team members, the village (community) party general branch secretary, the first secretary, the station (department) responsible for taking the “on-site observation + experience exchange” way to na Gu town dazha village two ditch villagers group to carry out on-site observation.”On the basis of fully respecting the wishes and customs of villagers, we will continue to make use of idle land in front of and behind the houses of villagers in accordance with local conditions and in a classified manner.In the process of keeping the environment clean and tidy on a regular basis, we firmly rely on the masses and drive the whole village to carry out the regular cleaning work with enthusiasm by mobilizing the five guarantee households.”Participating in the observation of the party members in the dazha village under the leadership of the party chief branch secretary and the introduction of the two ditch villagers group living environment improvement and build the development of the situation.In observing and learning, through on-the-spot inspection, exchange and discussion, party members learned good experience and practice, broaden their thinking.Na Gu Town Liu Juan editor: Yuan Ronghui