Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou District power supply company to carry out the Tomb-sweeping Festival martyrs theme activities

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March 29, Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou district power supply company organization organ party members came to Liangzhou martyrs Cemetery to carry out the “Long March spirit power inheritance” Tomb-sweeping festival memorial martyrs theme activities, common memory for the liberation of the motherland and people’s peace and heroic sacrifice of martyrs.Martyrs cemetery green pine and cypress, solemn, martyrs monument in the spring sun towering.At 9:00 a.m., all the personnel involved in the sweep lined up in front of the monument and stood in silence, offering flowers, bowing in silence, to the martyrs to pay high respect and infinite respect.Later, under the leadership of the secretary of the Party Committee of the company to review the pledge to join the Party, together to remember the deeds of the martyrs, remembering the noble spirit of the martyrs.In the martyrs’ Memorial Hall, all the staff with the display of the Red West Route Army through Liangzhou left heroic deeds, the brief introduction of the battle site, to understand the Red Army in the Hexi area to carry out a series of patriotic struggles, to understand the emergence of revolutionary heroes in the battle, recalling that heroic extraordinary years.The battle history of the Red Army team in the Hexi Corridor and the Kuomintang Ma Jia Army, and the heroic history of more than 500 Red Army heroes who buried their bones in Liangzhou when passing through are all laid out in front of them.To remember the memorial, is to not forget, pay tribute to memorial, is to forge ahead.By conducting the “long march spirit Electricity transmission “martyrs’s activity, the broad masses of party members in remember the revolutionary martyrs of the great feat at the same time, also recognize that honor heroes are not only to revisit the story, or the inheritance of the ancient of days forever faith, following the example of heroes, carry forward the fine revolutionary tradition, the firm ideal faith, don’t forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind the mission, to challenge the heroic spirit of the endeavour.Return to work, keep in mind the enterprise purpose of “people’s electric industry for the people”, and contribute to the development of electric industry and the company.Source: Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou Power Supply Company author: Wang Long