New semester new atmosphere!Chengdu Tianfu public security escort the new school season

2022-08-02 0 By

The school!The Lantern Festival after the bell for class has ears chengdu tianfu public security the first day of school safety first class into the campus to do a good job of back-to-school escort to ensure the safety of every students back to school completes the “inspector” campus security awareness tianfu joint new city community governance and social public security bureau and nine streets, set up 13 campus safety inspectorate, from February 14 solstice 17,We will supervise and inspect the safety of 192 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the new Area before the new semester starts, and make full efforts to protect them.Check “facilities” put an end to the campus safety hidden trouble in work, civilian police to visit, and small HuaYangShi huayang school 20 schools, for schools to carry out the “civil air defense and technology dimension is, fire protection, prevention” such as the supervision inspection work, to find problem to carry out the supervision action, makes every effort to do preparation before the start of the epidemic prevention and control condition.Keep in mind through easy to understand language, Shu shu for the students to bring the “first lesson”, carried out a series of knowledge education on fire prevention and theft prevention, drowning, traffic safety, network security and other safety precautions.In order to strengthen campus security and prevent emergencies, police guided campus security personnel to implement security measures, effectively improve emergency response capabilities, and ensure the safety and stability of campus order.Escort the security of our campus in the operation of security we will never relax