Japanese Figo!Yitongchun also 20 minutes 3 right cross made 3 goals in the preliminary round of the world had two abuse of the National team

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At 1:45 am Beijing time today, henk easily beat Mecheron 4-1 at home in the 24th round of the first round.Junya ITO, Japan’s right winger, was directly responsible for Henke’s last three goals in just 20 minutes with three precise crosses.Aoun opened the scoring for Henk in the fifth minute.In the 26th minute, visiting defender Per was sent off for a tactical foul.Early in the second half, Kuipas brought the score to a 1-1 draw for Mechelen.From then on, ITO also controlled the whole game.Six minutes later, ITO also delivered his first assist.Henk’s free-kick bounced to the right of the penalty area, while ITO sent in a perfectly timed cross that Sadik easily headed home from the middle of the box.80 minutes, ITO junshi also another goal.From the right side of the penalty area, Junya ITO suddenly spikes past with his left foot and sends a precise cross with his right foot.Onuachu was knocked down by a defender as he headed a shot from behind, and Bongda followed up to put the ball into an empty net.In the 86th minute, Junya ITO created his third goal.ITO Chun also low – level ball across the right, Onuachu small box in the middle of the easy push to break the goal.ITO has also started 25 of 27 games in the League this season, scoring 5 goals and 11 assists.ITO has scored 21 major chances this season, the most in any major European league.ITO is also a penetrating right-winger with extremely accurate crosses.In terms of technical style, ITO is also quite similar to Figo.In the preliminary, Yi Dongchun also abused the Chinese men’s football team twice.In the first leg, Japan won 1-0 after Junya ITO overpowered Wang down the right and sent in a pinpoint cross that Was headed home by Yuya Ohashi.In the second leg, ITO set up a handball from Wang inside the penalty area and then headed home a goal for Japan to win 2-0.All three goals scored by Japan against China were created by Junya ITO.