Rockefeller’s ninth letter to his son: Faith is gold

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John D. Rockefeller to His Child 38 Letter 9 Faith Is King Dear John, You are right. A bold mind can work wonders.However, the reality is that miracle workers are few and far between.What’s interesting is that everyone wants to do something.Everyone wants to have the best of everything.No one likes to suck up to others and live a mediocre life, and no one likes to feel second-rate or forced into it.Do we not have the wisdom of great genius?No!The most practical wisdom for success is already written in the Bible: “Steadfast faith can move mountains.”But why are there so many losers?I think that’s because not many people really believe they can move out, and as a result, not many actually do.The vast majority of people regard the holy word as an absurd idea and consider it impossible.I thought those who could not be saved made a common mistake. They mistook faith for hope.It is true that we cannot move a mountain by hope. We cannot win victories or climb high positions by hope. We cannot build wealth or status by hope.But the power of faith can help us move a mountain, in other words, just by believing we can succeed.You may think that I have mystified or mystified the power of faith. No!Confidence breeds a “I can do it” attitude, and a “I can do it” attitude breeds the abilities, skills, and energy necessary for creativity.Every time you believe in “I can do it,” the “how to solve it” will come naturally. Success is born in solving problems successfully.This is how faith takes over.Everyone “wants” to climb to the top one day and enjoy the success that comes with it.But most of them simply don’t have the necessary confidence and determination to reach the top.And because they believe they can’t reach it, they can’t find a way to get to the top, so they stay at the average level.However, a few of us really believe that they will succeed one day.They approach each task with an “I’m going to the top” mentality and have a strong belief that they will get there.I thought I was one of them.When I was a poor boy, I believed I was going to be the richest man in the world, and this confidence inspired me to come up with all kinds of feasible plans, methods, means and techniques to climb to the top of the oil kingdom.I never believe failure is the mother of success. I believe confidence is the father of success.Winning is a habit. Losing is a habit.If you want to succeed, you have to win consistently.I don’t like to win a lot. I want to win consistently. Only in this way can I be strong.Confidence motivates me to succeed.Belief in great results is the driving force behind all great undertakings, books, plays, and new scientific insights.Believing in success is one of the basic and absolute necessities of successful people.But the losers were generous enough to throw them away.I have talked to many people who have failed in business and heard countless reasons and excuses for failure.When these losers talk, they often inadvertently say, “To be honest, I didn’t think it would work.””I felt uneasy before I even started.””In fact, I’m not too surprised that it failed.”Adopting the “I’ll try this for now, but I think it won’t work out” attitude is a surefire recipe for failure.”Unbelief” is a negative force.When you’re disapproving or skeptical, you’ll come up with all sorts of reasons to support your disbelief.Doubt, unbelief, the subconscious tendency to fail, and not wanting to succeed very much, are the main causes of failure.If you doubt, you will fail.Believe will win, will succeed.The level of confidence determines the level of achievement.People who are mediocre and live from day to day are confident that they can’t get anything done, so they get very little reward.They believe that if they can’t do great things, they really can’t.They think they are so unimportant that everything they do seems insignificant.Over time, even their behavior will show a lack of confidence.If they can’t raise their confidence, they can shrink from self-assessment and become smaller and smaller.And as they see themselves, they make others see them, and they become smaller in the eyes of all.Those who are positive, who are sure that they are of greater value, will be highly rewarded.He believes he can handle a tough task, and he really can do it.Everything he did, his manner of dealing with people, his personality, his ideas, his insights, showed that he was an expert, an indispensable and important person.The ideal which has lighted my way, time after time given me courage, and made me face life cheerfully, is faith.At any time, I will not forget to enhance the ability of confidence.I replaced the thought of failure with the belief of success.When I am faced with a difficult situation, I think “I will win” instead of “I may lose”.When I compete with others, I think “I’m as good as them”, not “I can’t compete with them”.When the opportunity presented itself, I thought “I can do it”, not “I can’t do it”.The first step for everyone to succeed, but also the basic step can not be missed, is to believe in yourself, to believe that they will succeed.Let the critical thought “I will succeed” dominate our thought processes.The belief of success inspires my trusting mind to create a plan for success.Thoughts of failure do the opposite, leading us to think thoughts that lead to failure.I regularly remind myself that you are better than you think.Successful people are not superhuman.Success does not require superhuman intelligence, luck, or mystery.Successful people are ordinary people who believe in themselves and affirm what they are doing.Never, ever sell yourself cheap.Every man is the product of his thoughts. When he thinks small, he can expect small results.Thinking of great goals leads to great success.Great ideas and big plans are usually easier, or at least no harder, than small ones.Those who have reached the highest heights in business, preaching, writing, acting, and other pursuits of achievement have done so by steadily and consistently pursuing a program of personal development and growth.The training program brings with it a range of rewards: more respect from their families;Receiving compliments from friends and colleagues;A reward for feeling useful;The reward of being an important person;A reward for an increase in income or standard of living.Success — achievement — is the ultimate goal of life.She needs my positive thinking to care for her.Of course, I don’t want faith to be in question at any time.The size of your confidence determines the size of your achievements.If we believe that we can succeed, we will succeed.I do not believe that failure is the mother of success, I believe that confidence is the father of success.(The force which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully,Letter 9 Faith is Gold. (John D. Rockefeller wrote 38 letters to his children