New wind in the year of the Tiger to open a new bureau

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On February 7, the first day of work in the Year of the Tiger, the Shangluo People’s Procuratorate held a meeting to educate and rectify the discipline and style of work.City procuratorate party secretary, procurator-general Liu Xiangdong attended the meeting and spoke.Liu Xiangdong conveyed the speech of Zheng Guangzhao, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, at the collective learning meeting of the Theoretical learning Center group of the Municipal Party Committee, combined with the actual inspection work, the epidemic prevention and control, to meet the poverty alleviation after assessment, assessment, “one capital four districts” construction, “three hundred and four thousand” project, production safety and other key work arrangements.Liu Xiangdong stressed that the first quarter has almost half, heavy tasks, time is pressing, to make full use of the current favorable window period, to seriously carry out the “three studies”, “three checks” and “three construction” as the starting point, quickly take heart, quickly into the working state, truly achieve the discipline style education rectification and procurator work “double promotion”.To adhere to the goal orientation, general secretary of the jinping important instructions for the work of political science and law spirit, a spirit of the central working conference of politics and law and the central, provincial party committee, municipal party committee plenary session and the commission for discipline inspection plenum spirit, to mark the attorney general meeting each work deployment, comprehensive carding analysis work last year, a comprehensive planning set the objectives of the task this year.We should be problem-oriented.Based on the data of major evaluation indicators for 60 cases last year and the achievement of the “three resources” initiative, we identified areas of weakness, identified priorities, and formulated specific measures to strengthen the weak, reinforce the weak, and catch up and surpass them.According to the “look back” of the municipal Party Committee’s inspection and the feedback problems of the mobile inspection of the municipal Party Committee’s style construction, the rectification and implementation of the situation are sorted out, and the rectification and implementation are firmly in place in strict accordance with the time node.Each line should assess the situation of the target, identify the weak work of the primary hospital, formulate the guidance plan for the subordinate, refine the specific measures of assistance, and take practical and effective measures to help the primary hospital comprehensively improve its work level.City Procuratorate deputy secretary of the Party group, Deputy Procurator-general MAO Zhaoxia from improve the station, constantly enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility to carry out the discipline style of education rectification, focus on the focus, precise promotion of the discipline style of education rectification pragmatic implementation, strengthen leadership, strive to ensure that the discipline style of education rectification results in three aspects of the mobilization speech.Chen Hongwei, a member of the CPC Leading Party Group and the head of the discipline inspection and Supervision Group in the Hospital, organized the study of the Notice of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the Discipline Education and Rectification work after the Spring Festival in 2022. Li Shuzhi, a member of the CPC Leading Party Group and deputy Chief Procurator, read out the implementation plan of the discipline education and rectification work of the Municipal Procuratorate.The meeting was presided over by Peng Xu, deputy procurator-general and party members of the Municipal Procuratorate, and emphasized on the implementation of good.City procuratorate team members, full-time members of the inspection committee, county-level cadres, in the hospital discipline inspection and supervision group comrades, the city procuratorate each internal institutions responsible person and all police officers attended the meeting.