Why is the new 580 more popular than the 5-seater Smart SUV

2022-07-27 0 By

Restricted by the structure of the traditional five-seat car, the back row of the five-seat car is mostly composed of three seats.When there is a full load, rear passengers are forced to huddle together, and ride comfort is somewhat compromised.Especially when the age of two or three children has come, families need to buy cars for a rainy day, and large space is becoming more and more of The Times.In such a new era, The New 580 Scenery emerged at the right moment. On the premise of retaining the traditional SUV’s personalized design and excellent passability advantages, it integrates the advantages of “large space and multi-occupant” of MPV model, and perfectly solves the pain points of traditional five-seater cars with few seats, poor rear seat comfort and insufficient space flexibility.The biggest highlight of the New 580 scenery is that it adopts a 2+2+2 layout of six seats, realizing the “family comfort” in a real sense, while the comfort of the five-seat car is only for the master and passenger, and the fatigue of the back row is not much to be said. By contrast, the second and third rows of the new 580 Scenery think and design like MPV.Through the special design to release the rear row space as much as possible, while giving the second row of passengers as much ride enhancement.The new 580 has a body size of 4720*1865*1710 mm, which is not too big for daily travel.The long wheelbase of 2785 mm and excellent space design can not only meet the daily travel of the big family, but also the abundant access channel is also greatly convenient for young children and the elderly to get on and off the vehicle, fully embodies the scenery of the new 580 family care.As the focus of the whole vehicle experience, the new 580, the second row seat is equipped with 8 to electric heating ventilation and regulating function, excellent human body engineering design, make the body feeling at zero pressure at the same time, the different shape of laminating, did it again this texture will no doubt give to you the most comfortable ride experience, such an experience,It is undoubtedly the biggest weapon of the Fengshuxin 580 for the five-seater.In addition, the sound system of Fengxixin 580 is created by a professional acoustic technical team. Its stereo sound surround system has the general quality comparable to professional “golden ear” tuning, which easily realizes the effect of thick bass and clear treble, bringing users immersive audio-visual enjoyment.In this age of intelligence, will the New 580 bring us surprises?The answer is yes and surprise!The Scenery New 580 integrates the latest Huawei HiCar smart Interconnection function. In the era of Internet of everything, owning such a car equipped with Huawei smart cockpit will undoubtedly bring more convenience to your life.Specifically, for example, if you use a Huawei mobile phone, you can share the APP in the mobile phone to the 12.3-inch all-scene intelligent screen-controlled vehicle system through integrated non-inductive connection, so as to avoid the tedious secondary download.Even for those family members who are not familiar with cars, as long as they know the basic operation of mobile phones, they can easily realize the use of this set of car system, highlighting the humanized characteristics of “taking care of family” of the car.In addition, you can also remotely control the car through your mobile phone, turn on the air conditioner in advance, adjust the temperature, set up navigation and so on, so that you and your family can fully enjoy the convenience of technology.You can even “call the shots” to your smart home from your car.Imagine that when you come home after a busy day, you can see the TV and lights that have been turned on through the car and engine system in advance. The warm scene will instantly take away your physical and mental fatigue.Tightly around the “six enjoy comfortable space, huawei HiCar intelligent linking, luxurious theater sound” core advantages, such as new product competitiveness of 580 has excellent scenery, price is also very attractive, can be said to be very close to the 95900-129900 more children family for the majority of the users is a very practical products models.