Thank you very much!My mother wanted to have me

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Year 25, it’s my birthday.Every year on this day, I call my old mother in the countryside and say: Thank you!Mom worked hard to give birth to me.But in this year, more than 90 years old old mother early last month, I accompany her to the hospital physical examination, determine to write: double deafness disability.I have to stick to her ear, speak loudly and slow down, mother can hear a little, call mother can not hear the ring.With a heart full of anxiety, I called the old man 5 times in the morning, but no one answered until the bell rang.How I wish my mother saw the phone flash and answered it.Noon lunch, I do not give up, call mother’s mobile phone number.”Oh, big sister, happy birthday!My baby girl, no thanks. Mom would have loved to have you.Are you still at work?On the New Year, pay attention to driving a…”My hands shook as I held the phone. I didn’t say a word. Tears began to rain.Listening carefully, my mother spoke loudly on the phone.”From your place back, I am very good, do not have to remember me, you rest assured that the best of your class, three meals a day have soup and meat, there are eldest brothers arranged to the mouth, after the New Year if not that what epidemic situation, the whole family to visit the cleaning woman, Xi Xi read three years, call him to read carefully, grandmother award big red envelope ha, you do not have to speak more.Happy New Year to all of you!Bye bye……”Mother rambled on for two minutes, and at the end of it was a ripple of maternal laughter.I was still holding on to my phone, I still hadn’t said a word, my throat felt hard and sharp, and everything I wanted to say was blocked.With tears streaming down my face, I let the tears flow into my limbs and fill my heart with a stream of happiness.I imitated like a winter let thick cotton-padded jacket, tightly wrapped the baby, was the mother’s flesh tightly held in the arms, fever and swelling……, but also thousands of attachment to the maternal love.This kiss, I have to hold on to.