Japanese ‘wife’ robot that can do everything but give birth?Why do nerds like it

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Indeed, Japan is a land of production thrills. While the rest of the world is figuring out how to use robots effectively at work, Japan is starting to figure out how to use robots to satisfy people’s desires.The appearance of wifebot has made waves in Japan and even abroad, as more and more men abandon the stereotypical CQ doll and human wife model and opt for a robot to accompany them into old age.Why are wifebots so popular?The author obtained the following characteristics of wife robot after a comprehensive understanding: 1. Complete private customization, to solve human personality physiological needs. First of all, wife robot can be customized like online shopping, you can choose the robot variety you want according to your preferences and needs.People’s physiological needs have multiple levels.Some people like cute cute girl model, some people like dignified and mature lady model, some people like domineer ilbowel female man model, as long as that thing is in place, these wishes can come true, then only left to embrace the beauty return.Secondly, since it is a robot, the master can modulate according to his own ideas, facing such a submissive wife, when he is depressed or sad when someone in his ear sweet words, to encourage their own.And when they do something wrong or at a loss, someone will give them full understanding and not be angry. I believe that most people are yearning for such a life state, so this is a reason why the wife machine sells.2. A robot’s sense of security is more reliable than a real person.Why get married and have children?It is not for old age, seeking a sense of self security.But because is a true story, always face many unexpected change, what to do if their children are not filial piety, if his wife is not loyal to their to do, these are the needs into consideration, this creates uncertainty of marriage life, that is the real marriage does not provide a stable sense of security.But the robot is different. The wife robot has no human subjective consciousness, that is to say, it will not do things according to its own ideas, but only obey the master’s instructions.Although the use of robots will have a deadline, but after the deadline for the people are free to change, not like a real marriage need to do so much red tape inside, as long as people have this demand, production of the robot should be put on hold, this gives people a boost on the spirit of, immediately gave people enough sense of security.3. No high bride price and other living expenses In reality, more and more women will put forward high requirements on men before getting married, which makes many men very headache, so many men have been relatively resistant to marriage or resistance.Rather than staying single or paying a high bride price but not getting a true lover, it is better to choose a wife robot to accompany you. In addition to paying some costs, you do not need a high bride price, do not need to own a house and a car, and can satisfy your physical needs, which is exactly suitable for men.Charge your wife up when she’s hungry, and the robot doesn’t ask you to go shopping or anything else, unless you’re willing to do it yourself, which makes many men feel more at ease.Wifebots, if reasonably priced, are likely to be embraced by a large number of men in a short period of time, but not by a small number of people.Because people have real topics, human emotions are built on the basis of real people, no matter what items can not be absolutely replaced.Life is nothing more than daily necessities, contradictions will stimulate fun, in fact, the robot to their own blindly flatter and sweet words will only make themselves more boring and boring, let a person listen to feel very false.And the robot does not have the function of giving birth, some people in order to consider their old life, or will choose to accept the reality, according to the normal logic of marriage and childbirth.But in any case, what people are trying to achieve is the novelty of the robot. Once the novelty is over, it will return to reality. The appearance of the wife robot will not dominate the direction of human history.In short, I am quite disgusted with this kind of thing, I don’t know what you think?