In 2021, 959 students will apply for major transfer, of which 348 will be admitted and 112 will be free teachers

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Transfer professional data to fill in the voluntary parents of candidates must pay attention to ha, understand in advance, in case;And for students who want to register for public normal, can they apply for turning into public normal after entering the university;In this paper, let’s take a look at the data of the major transfer of Central China Normal University in 2021. There are 959 students who have passed the qualification examination for the major transfer across colleges, 348 students have been admitted, and 112 students have been transferred to the free normal university. There are no special restrictions on the application, but the transfer is assessed;In 2020, 688 students from Central China Normal University changed their major, and 415 of them were transferred to public education.If you have the opportunity to choose, first take a look at the data of the application and qualification. The application data represents everyone’s preference for the major, and also shows the difficulty of the competition.And the final admission list is to see the data after the competition;The total number of applicants is 959. 96 of them applied for English (Teacher education), 89 of them applied for Chinese language and literature and 87 of them applied for mathematics.Top of the list are teachers related majors in the majority;The lowest were philosophy, public administration;Normal education and preschool education and special education, the same is normal, but also subject differences;The number of graduates who want to transfer out of their current major is 72 at most.This was followed by 53 in public administration and 48 in computer science and sociology.Computer in normal colleges and universities there are still some students are not so like, this and we say, according to their own situation, rather than see the computer feel good;We can also see the degree of preference for major, which will also be shown in the admission score;After looking at the data, let’s take a look at the specific nature of the situation. There are 636 non-normal teachers who want to transfer their major, and there are 206 free teachers. The excellent teacher plan can only be transferred internally;The number of students who wanted to transfer to free teachers was 410, while 233 were non-teachers.From the specific list, of the 206 free teachers, only 4 want to launch free teachers;All the others want to change their major, so public teachers should also pay attention to the choice of major, how many successful transfer, we next look at the final admission list and specific assessment requirements;Next, let’s take a look at the final enrollment list. First, the most successful students are chemistry (normal school) 32, followed by biological science (normal school) 31 and mathematics 28.Computer class into turn out are more;And the specific list and enrollment plan is related;The number in 2021 is much lower than in 2020;Other majors are still short of the expected number of students;At the same time, it can be seen that 96 students applied for English teacher training, but only 9 of them ended up.Let’s take a look at the actual situation of the original majors. The largest number of students transferred out is economics, with 72 applicants. The proportion of successful transfer is not very large.This was followed by 19 chemistry majors and 12 public administration and computer majors.Most of the majors are one person, which is a lot of candidates were eliminated in the later assessment, but also some students choose the major they want to go to have no chance to give up;Can be left to the next year to choose;In addition to the application list and the final admission list, there is a pre-admission list in the middle of 630 students, from 959 applicants, 630, to the final 348;Can see the degree of competition, into the free teachers have 112 people, of which 16 people are free teachers mutual transfer, non teachers have 24 people, charge teachers have 25 people, non teachers, normal students (charge)47 people, want to turn into public normal odds or quite big;However, there is a prerequisite that requires the approval of the education department of the student’s place of origin, and it needs to sign the relevant agreement;Finally look at the evaluation of the specific requirements, the requirements of each school is different, and the number is not the same, such as the institute of mathematics and statistics, the appraisal subject is mathematical analysis and advanced algebra 1, and the specific teaching materials also give to you, if you have to turn professional plan, must pay attention to in advance, at the same time the proportion of written examination and interview each accounted for 50%,And interview requirements of more than 60 points, other colleges can be viewed to the specific professional requirements;Ok, for central China Normal University to transfer major data here, want to see specific data, you can communicate with me alone, for the relevant data of colleges and universities, there is no one unchanged, but you can pay attention to in advance, some content is unchanged;Welcome to pay attention to @college Planning zhao Hong continues to update the relevant content of college planning for you;Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to college planning Zhao Hong