Yuquan District Committee mainly leads and supervises the school’s epidemic prevention and control and preparation for the opening of the school

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On the morning of March 31, District Party Secretary Cheng Yuanyuan and his delegation visited No. 12 Middle School, Mingde School, Fangyuan Middle School, No. 26 Middle School, No. 6 Middle School, Tumed School, Kailai Middle School and Jinshengda School to supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic and the preparation for the return of students from grade 3 and grade 3.Teams each to a school, and school heads in the conversation, ask for details of the campus and epidemic prevention work process, emergency disposal process, cleaning and hygiene sanitizers, emergency supplies reserves, teachers and students information parameter, and so on and so forth, and to visit the school segregation chamber, temperature measurement channels, epidemic prevention material reserve room, teaching building, dormitory, canteen and so on prevention and control measures to carry out the situation,Provide guidance and advice on relevant issues on site.The supervision group stressed the need to coordinate epidemic prevention and control, education and teaching, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, earnestly pay attention to the normalization of school epidemic prevention and control, preparation for the resumption of classes, to ensure a safe and orderly resumption of classes.According to the requirements of closed-loop management, the management of key personnel should be strengthened, and the health status of the four types of key personnel should be dynamically monitored, so as to do a good job of the school’s normal epidemic prevention and control and eliminate the risks and hidden dangers of epidemic prevention and control to the greatest extent.According to the size of schools and the number of teachers and students, schools should be properly equipped with isolation (observation) places and school doctors, improve supporting facilities, and timely stock up on masks, disinfectant, medical alcohol, gloves, infrared temperature guns and other epidemic prevention materials.District market, health, disease control and other relevant departments should timely carry out school epidemic prevention and control training, strengthen the publicity and education of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, guide schools to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, dormitories, canteens and other key areas, and comprehensively improve the campus health environment;Schools should establish and improve the joint working mechanism, establish the information reporting system, and strictly implement the “daily report” and “zero report” to ensure that schools’ prevention and control links do not make mistakes.Emergency drills should be carried out carefully. Once an emergency occurs, schools should be able to be familiar with the process and deal with it efficiently in the first time to ensure the implementation of various prevention and control measures in place, firmly guard the bottom line of campus safety, and make every effort to ensure the health of teachers and students in the district and the orderly and stable campus.Unfairness in the process of investigation supervision, but also learn more about each school infrastructure construction, equipped with teachers and entrance examination for secondary school or college entrance, etc., and told the school to do a good job in teaching quality improvement and teachers team construction, further improve the level of our school education, do the people’s satisfactory education, efforts to build strong education area.Ao Deng, deputy secretary of the district Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Yang Jie, deputy head of the government, district Education Bureau, health Commission, market Bureau, CDC and the main responsible comrades of each school participated in the supervision.