Qingming festival should strengthen the spleen and raise the liver, the season can not miss the diet arrangement

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Abstract: Nourishing the liver is important in strengthening the spleen. Chinese yam, jujube, leek and so on should be often eaten during qingming Festival, which helps to nourish qi and blood.Qingming festival, is the time of rising liver qi.The rise of liver qi depends on the subtle nutrients of spleen and stomach.Therefore, nourishing the liver focuses on strengthening the spleen!Qingming Festival, often eat two sweet 01 Yam mountain medicine sweet flat, spleen and qi, often eat can improve the body’s immunity, but also effectively prevent gastritis, gastric ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases recurrence.When cooking, it can be used for porridge or stir-fry.Jujube is not only good for the spleen, but also can nourish qi and blood, especially suitable for women.Jujube can be used to cook porridge or make tea.Qingming festival, often eat three vegetables 01 leek so-called “spring leek expensive such as oil”, leek in the spring the best quality.And leek is warm, rich in dietary fiber, can help the human body hair Yang, in the kidney at the same time, but also play a role in delaying aging.Spring to eat some leek scrambled eggs or leek box, are very good.02 Bitter chrysanthemum Qingming solar term if the irascibility is too strong will ignite the heart fire, the two fires if burned together the problem can be big, such as easy to appear oral sores, oral ulcers, toothache, acne, etc..Bitter chrysanthemum can clear heat to irascibility, antibacterial, antipyretic, antiphlogistic, mingmei and other effects, after washing is very good cold.Purslane qingming season of wild vegetables cool, heat – clearing and detoxification.Among them, purslane is the most popular.Remove the roots and stems from the purslane, wash and blanch in boiling water for about one minute before removing and cutting into plates.It can be eaten with mashed garlic, vinegar and ginger, which can also counteract the cold nature of the wild vegetables.Qingming festival, often drink four soup 01 hawthorn barley drink take raw hawthorn 9 grams, 10 grams of barley, add 10 grams of chicken gold, poria tuckahoe 10 grams, after suffering in 4 oral, 2 months as a course of treatment.Function: shu liver qi, spleen and stomach.Ingredients: 100g fresh lotus root, 100g white radish, 30ml honey.Clean and mince lotus root slices together with white radish. Put them into a juicer and squeeze them into juice. After filtering, add honey into the juice and drink.Efficacy: Cool blood and nourish Yin, nourish lung and moisten intestines.03 Loquat tremella soup ingredients: 150 grams of fresh loquat, 10 grams of tremella, sugar amount.Rinse tremella with cold water, add a little water in a bowl and steam until tremella sticks and becomes mature. Peel off the skin of fresh loquat, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces for later use.Clean the pot, bring water to boil, add steamed tremella, boil, then add loquat slices and sugar, put in a large soup bowl to serve.This can treat lung heat injury Yin, lung dryness cough, cough sputum, tuberculosis and other diseases.04 Sharen crucian soup materials: 150 grams of fresh crucian carp, 3 grams of sharen, 6 grams of tangerine peel, ginger, onion, salt each appropriate amount.Scrape off the scales and gills of the fresh crucian carp, dissect the viscera, wash, put the sand kernel into the belly of the fish, and then put the tangerine peel together into the casserole pot, add the right amount of water with the fire to boil, add ginger, onion, salt, boil until the soup can be thick and fragrant.Efficacy: Awake the spleen, appetizer, dampness.Qingming festival, often drink four tea Qingming festival Yang qi unripe, at this time it is easy to let the five viscera “fire”.Don’t use the wrong kinds of fire-reducing tea.01 lotus seed: this kind of people will be anxious, mind overweight causes heart fire, and insomnia, upset, the tip of the tongue is red or long mouth sores, available lotus seed heart and green tea bubble water to drink.02 wild chrysanthemum: fall irascibility because quality of this kind of crowd is irritable mood, morpheus bad wait for a reason to cause irascibility, bring about have a headache giddy, eye dry, mouth bitter, two rib bilge painful, hypertension, long spot.Can use wild chrysanthemum water and keep a good mood, but also pay attention to not stay up late.This group of people because of eating oil sweet taste, or preference for spicy, sweet and other heavy taste diet, cause stomach fire, resulting in bad breath, oral ulcer, nausea, acne, constipation, etc..In addition to drinking more mung bean porridge on weekdays, eat less food that is too sweet and greasy, eat more yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits, and pay attention to clean mouth and face.This group of people because of eating too much or wearing too warm, cause lung fire.Cause dry pharynx pain, cough, dry cough without sputum or less phlegm and sticky, dry mouth and nose, fever, nasal bleeding, etc..In addition to boiling pear water and ensuring enough sleep, in the diet can eat some white radish, celery, spinach, bananas, apples and other cold food.Eat less fatty meat, chocolate, sweets and other high-calorie food.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com