Fenyang Traffic police: multi-pipe combination of dredging to alleviate traffic congestion around the campus

2022-07-24 0 By

The traffic environment renovation around the campus is an important work that benefits people’s livelihood. Recently, the traffic police brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Wenfeng Road Xihe Primary School section increased the right turn lane, set up temporary parking Spaces at specific times, effectively alleviate the problem of road congestion during peak hours, and escort the road smooth and the safety of students with practical actions.Wenfeng road is one of zhuhai city roads, for days, the municipal public security bureau traffic police brigade according to different road conditions, give full consideration to factors such as traffic, traffic and peak period of school, the primary planning and the specific time of surrounding roads kosi temporary parking Spaces, the parents convenient transport children to and from school time or stop or go.City public Security Bureau traffic police brigade Yan Jinquan since the end of March, the city public Security Bureau traffic police brigade in Wenfeng West Road Xihe Primary school section to take multi-effect measures, one is for the section of peak traffic congestion, increase the right turn lane, effectively relieve the main road vehicle traffic pressure, improve the capacity.The second is to ban the original temporary parking space in the motor vehicle lane, add temporary parking space in the non-motor vehicle lane, and support the installation of identification boards, further standardize the peak school transport vehicles, at the same time to solve the problem of surrounding residents parking at night.Third, two sets of illegal stop capturing systems are installed on the main road, which can effectively curb the phenomenon of random stop on the main road and ensure the smooth and orderly passage of the main road.In the interview, the reporter saw that the wenfeng road order after the renovation, people and cars diverting, traffic police are to the vehicle publicity of the new traffic laws and regulations, guide the past vehicles, pedestrians driving norms, norms parking.The setting of the temporary parking space has brought a lot of convenience to our parents. The children are not stuck in traffic after school and there are not so many cars on the road. The children are off school and the traffic police maintain the traffic order, and the children (parents) are relieved.Around campus students traffic environment and traffic safety needs to be a common maintenance, municipal public security bureau traffic police brigade to remind the general public, the setting of limited parking space, in order to solve the problem of vehicles disorderly stop place, parking in the open time, belong to the illegal parking, hope the broad masses of the pilot consciously abide by traffic rules, specification limit parking, to ensure the road unimpeded.Reporter: Jiao Ying, Ren Xiaoxue, Fenyang and melting media