Customs knowledge | jade raw materials common declaration non-standard cases

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Because there are a lot of jade varieties, some jade varieties of business name is relatively similar, some jade varieties of mineral composition and chemical composition are similar, so the import declaration link easily confused or omission, below according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on customs import and export commodities directory specification declaration and definition “(2021 edition), the requirements of the relevantThrough several cases of non-standard declaration to briefly explain: (1) commodity A: the name of the declared product: jade raw stone.Application specification model: jade raw stone;Raw;Natural;No level;English name Jade Original Stone;Irregular block;Non-myanmar trading;Dark green.Analysis: The declaration of commodity A is too vague, and the specific jade variety, mineralogical name and chemical composition are not declared according to the requirements of the standard declaration catalogue, which affects the customs classification and evaluation. The specific jade variety, mineral name and chemical composition should be declared on the basis of the original declaration.Correct declaration: jadeite jade raw materials;Not sawn, not processed;Natural;No level;The mineral name is Jadeite, English name Jadeite;Irregular block;Chemical composition NaAlSi2O6;Non-myanmar trading;Dark green.(2) Commodity B: Name of declared product: jasper stone.Application specification model: jasper stone;After simple sawing;Natural;No level;Jasper stone;85 x60cm;Cyan.Analytic: according to China’s national standard and industry commonly used name of commodity, and quartzite nephrite jade contain name for jade, jasper, variety, enterprise declare jade stone, but did not declare detailed mineralogical and chemical composition, uncertain varieties, effect appraisal, should be based on the original declaration of specific varieties or quartzitic nephrite jade.Correct declaration: jasper raw stone;Variety for nephrite;After simple sawing;Natural;C level;The mineral composition is mainly tremolite and actinite, which is called Nephrite.85 x60cm;Chemical composition of calcium magnesium iron silicate;Gray-green block.(iii) Commodity C: Name of declared product: quartz stone.Application specification model: quartz stone;After trimming saw cutting;Not strung or inlaid;No level;Mineral composition is Quartz Quartz;Chemical composition is SiO2;Non-myanmar trading;Gray.Analysis: according to China’s national standard, quartz jade including chalcedony, agate, Dongling stone, tiger eye stone, silica wood and other varieties, commodity C declared for quartz stone, did not declare specific varieties, affect the evaluation and classification, should declare specific jade varieties.Correct declaration: quartz jade raw materials;Varieties for dongling stone;After simple sawing;Natural block;A level;Mineral composition is quartz, English name is Quartzite;Chemical composition is SiO2;Light green, visible placer gold effect on the surface.D: Name of application: Garden stone (Chrysanthemum stone).Application specifications: Garden stone (chrysanthemum stone);Raw;Not strung or inlaid;No level;Quartz Jade, English name Quartzose Jade;Chemical composition is SiO2, non-Myanmar trading, color is gray, white, yellow and so on.Analysis: according to China’s national standard and “import and export tariff commodity and item notes”, there is no “garden stone” this jade variety, declare the name is not standard, affect the evaluation and classification, should declare specific jade variety.Correct declaration: quartz jade raw materials;The species is silicified coral (chrysanthemum stone);After simple sawing;Natural block;A level;Mineral composition is quartz, English name is Silicified coral;10cm-60cm, irregular block;Chemical composition is SiO2;The shell is gray, and the fracture is white and yellow.