Lewinsky: young love Clinton, she thought that love, but is the seasoning of the other side

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There are few big scandals in American politics these days, barack Obama and his wife Michelle are dedicated to building a good family, and Donald Trump is unreliable but not a lot of romantic gossip. America was not so calm back then.A “zipper door incident”, almost let the image of the White House destroyed once, let Clinton and Hillary’s marriage began to light up the red light, a inexperienced intern girl, also fell into the trap of infinite scandal.When Monica Lewinsky entered the White House as a young Jewish girl in 1995, she was beautiful. She wore curly hair and slim dresses, and she used her beauty well.Her position at the White House was an unpaid pro bono internship, but it didn’t matter to her, because her resume mattered more than her salary.More than a resume important, head of the White House President also quietly walked into her heart, young when Bill Clinton was a vigorous curly handsome boy, even though man past middle age has a beer belly, but still remain temperament, coupled with President aura to add body, let a wet behind the girl fall in love, not deep is a very normal thing.On November 15 of that year, lewinsky was in the fourth month of her internship at the White House. She finally caught the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with Bill Clinton, expressing her infinite admiration for the president.Clinton was momentarily distracted by the tender, flirty girl, and even though he knew that the walls had ears, that there were agents in the White House who could hear their every move, and that his own wife was number two in the White House, he decided to rise to the occasion.From that day on, there were some rumblings and affairs in Clinton’s Oval Office.Twenty four years before Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton met, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton first met at a prestigious American university.Hillary is holding a thick book, not how to dress up, but still ran into Clinton’s heart, perhaps people’s aesthetic will change with the change of time, Clinton, who once loved a student girl with excellent grades, will also commit to the intuitive beauty and sexy.Gradually, monica lewinsky supervisor seems to have found what, he always find monica lewinsky diligence too, at the White House can stay up late very late, but she didn’t need, pay so much for a job with no pay, so he persuaded her to come home early, in the face of these persuasion, she just smiled, show their sacrifice spirit,Willing to pay for the country.To keep the relationship going, Clinton also improved his efficiency and ability to run the country, sometimes talking to the secretary of Defense during flirtations with Lewinsky.In this way, the relationship lasted two years, until 1996, Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon, where she lost the chance to see Clinton. It all seemed like a girl’s dream.But it wasn’t just a dream for Lewinsky. She also had a piece of “physical evidence” : a blue dress that Clinton had given her, now wet with liquid.Just happen to be in right now, the good colleague cui pu that a care her, cherishes her appeared beside, two people became good boudoir honey very quickly.Lewinsky is a little vanity, this vanity is like the water inside the tap, once turned on, will continue to pour down, she told her friend Tripp, without reservation between her and Clinton.She does not think that Trip is a spy with a purpose to approach her, recording everything she says on the phone, only to betray her one day.In 1998, after the “Zipper gate” scandal broke, Clinton, hoping to erase the fallout, denied it at a press conference.But the powerful FBI, had already found out that a beautiful blue dress, examined the ABOVE DNA evidence, coupled with a large number of Lewinsky recordings as evidence, marriage about all the secrets of betrayal, so rushed out, Clinton again regret too late.On August 17, 1998, Under intense pressure, Bill finally admitted to the embarrassing incident, and Hillary chose to deal with him.The woman he had shared as a student was determined at this moment, weighing the pros and cons carefully, and still feeling betrayed in her marriage did not mean they could not go on together in the future.After all, with Clinton at her side, she still has a chance to run for president and be a political star, marriage is the least harm to her.It is worth mentioning that people’s attitude towards Hillary is not as good as expected. Many people regard Hillary as a political poison and think she is involved in some murders, but this does not prevent people from attacking and laughing at the moral turd Monica Lewinsky.Accompanied by Clinton’s return to the family, and Double home with Hillary, the most painful person is undoubtedly Lewinsky, she felt a kind of heart like deathly ashes taste.The man who had turned her back on by the world, the slutty girl that everyone else thought she was, jobless and ridiculed, was back at home.Over time, the impact of zippered doors has diminished as Clinton retires, now that both Hillary and Bill are enjoying a happy retirement, sunning themselves on the beach and piling on the pounds as a happily married couple.But people still can’t forget that blue dress, it has become a favorite American past, along with a generation of people’s memories, and FX into the SERIES American Crime Story.Today, Lewinsky writes books, works as a therapist, gains weight, draws sympathy from viewers and viewers, clicks and lots of money by stirring up gossip and old stories.In the face of those confusing words, she will be skilled in the application of “rolling eyes” and other expressions to deal with, it seems that he has isolated himself and now, memories of the waves, life is just the past across the sea, a piece of smoke curling in the wind.Once that rely on lying and betrayal of love, has dissipated like smoke, she has also profoundly understood that stealing from other girls do not belong to their own everything, will not let themselves become happy, and even will be the fate of the bite.