IQOO 9 Pro Track Edition design update!The new material has a much stronger back cover

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In recent years, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of mobile phones, prompting major mobile phone manufacturers not only to improve the strength of their products, but also to optimize the appearance of mobile phones.Looking at the current mobile phone market, there are a lot of beautiful models. For example, the iQOO digital flagship series of the past generations of products, they are all equipped with powerful performance and amazing design, each new product can bring a new visual enjoyment to consumers.(iQOO 9 Pro version) track design interpretation speed of beauty in terms of exterior design, iQOO has been in the pursuit of extreme speed, in early generation iQOO digital flagship phone, for example, the knights of the black color using the same industry-leading AG glass craft, and reveal the translucent on the back cover, colorful LED lights,Very bright.For the iQOO 3, it debuted a stunning and fast pull orange color scheme. The distinctive orange color contrasts with the mottled rear cover design, adding texture to the body.The iQOO 5 Pro not only showcased the ultimate performance power, but also brought the track version and legend version of the two cool colors to interpret the beauty of speed.(iQOO 3 pull orange) The iQOO 7 comes in a very attractive combination of hidden blue and black. At the same time, the two versions of the iQOO 7 have different rear cover designs. The “optical illusion” effect and the “photographic lens” design, respectively, make consumers feel that the iQOO has made a breakthrough in technology.In 2021, the iQOO 8 series was officially unveiled. The iQOO 8’s light color version introduced a photochromic process that allows the color of the back cover to change under the sun, showing the full range of dark technology.Earlier this year, the iQOO 9 Pro was released with two cool colors, the Burning Engine and the Legend Edition. The iQOO 9 Pro has also been released with the iQOO 3rd anniversary Special color, which has attracted a lot of attention.The iQOO 9 Pro track edition’s color scheme continues the classic track edition’s color scheme. Black is also the main color of the iQOO 9 Pro track edition, showing the texture of the track edition in place.In addition, eagle-eyed friends will notice that there are many woven textures on the back of the phone, like a track, showing a sense of speed.I have to say that the rear cover of iQOO 9 Pro is very well designed. The woven texture not only improves the appearance of the rear cover, but also gives me a delicate touch.Why does the iQOO 9 Pro Track Edition have such a special woven texture?The reason is that the iQOO 9 Pro Track edition has an aramid 3D rear cover.Aramid fiber is a material widely used in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace and racing, and the iQOO designers’ decision to apply it to the rear cover of the airframe was a surprise to many. Thanks to the many advantages of aramid fiber, the iQOO 9 Pro track Edition also has a significant advantage.For example, the iQOO 9 Pro Racetrack version gave me a more comfortable, lighter feel than the model with the back cover made from other materials.The aramid fiber, for example, is highly impact-resistant, making the iQOO 9 Pro track edition more durable and less likely to damage the phone’s internal hardware if you accidentally collide with something hard during use.On the other hand, although aramid fiber has many advantages, due to its special shape, iQOO invested a great deal of effort in making it into a suitable rear cover for the fuselage.Today, you can see that the aramid fiber rear cover has been successfully formed, which is the result of iQOO’s continuous pursuit of perfection and breakthrough.The iQOO 9 Pro also features a new panoramic porthole design. The rear camera area incorporates a porthole that resembles a racing sunroof, once again reflecting iQOO’s desire for speed.In addition, the metal finish in the panoramic porthole is made of the same space-grade aluminium alloy with excellent cooling properties, which further enhances the cooling performance of iQOO 9 Pro.In general, the iQOO Digital flagship series has featured distinctive designs throughout history, and this iQOO 9 Pro Track edition is no exception.Hopefully in the future, iQOO will introduce more flagship models with innovative designs that will give consumers a visual surprise.