Can be admitted to do not worry about employment, this university is so cattle, three candidates for voluntary reference

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Choosing universities and majors from the perspective of employment is the starting point and foothold of college examinees and parents.As the 2022 college entrance examination is getting closer and closer, it has become a compulsory course for parents of high school students to learn about universities, majors and the knowledge of voluntary college entrance examination.The employment data of Hefei University of Technology (HEREINAFTER referred to as HEFEI University of Technology) shared with you today shows that this university is such a great one. If one can get admitted, he will not worry about employment.The true graduation destination rate of the class of 2021 graduates is 96.35%, among which the true graduation destination rate of undergraduate graduates is 95.51%, among which 57.56% graduates signed employment agreement or labor contract employment, 36.97% undergraduate graduates for further study, the rest are flexible employment and independent entrepreneurship.The overall employment rate is still very good, the school data shows that the employment rate in the past five years has been maintained at more than 95%, which is the main reason why this 211, first-class discipline construction university is favored by high examinees.From the perspective of professional employment rate, the employment rate of geographic Information Science, e-commerce, industrial Design, Traffic Engineering, transportation, marketing and Visual communication Design was 100%, achieving full employment. The majors with lower employment rate were mathematics and Applied Mathematics (88.98%) and aircraft manufacturing Engineering (89.74%).The employment rate of 62 majors is above 95%, and the employment rate of 6 majors is above 90%. The employment rate of the famous vehicle Engineering major is 95.31%, which is not the major with the highest employment rate (please refer to the Employment Quality Report of the school for the employment rate of each major).In terms of employment units, the majority of 2021 graduates are employed in enterprises, accounting for 89.43%, among which 46.65% are from state-owned enterprises, 36.50% from other enterprises and 6.28% from foreign-funded enterprises.The top 10 enterprises in the number of graduates are China State Construction Engineering Group, State Grid Corporation of China, China Electronics Technology Group, Aviation Industry Group of China, China Railway Engineering Group, State Energy Investment Group, China Telecom Group, ZTE, Huawei, Changxin Storage Technology Co., LTD.In terms of regional distribution, east China accounts for the highest percentage of graduates in 2021 (69.29 percent), followed by central and southern China (14.52 percent), North China (6.91 percent), Southwest China (4.39 percent), northwest China (3.47 percent) and Northeast China (1.41 percent).The top five provinces are Anhui (39.11%), followed by Jiangsu (10.01%), Zhejiang (7.52%), Shanghai (6.36%) and Guangdong (6.28%), all of which are highly active regions in economic development.Hefei University of Technology has the reputation of “Huangpu Military Academy in automobile Field”.In vehicle engineering, information management and information Systems, resource exploration engineering, Electrical Engineering and automation, Measurement and control Technology and Instruments, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and automation, Pharmaceutical Engineering, food Science and Engineering, new energy materials and devices (new materials), Internet of Things Engineering (new generation of information technology), material forming and control engineering, architecture, civil engineering, e-commerce and other professional fields have a strong strength, are the key consideration of the major.In 2021, the lowest score and highest score of a batch of science subjects in Anhui Province are 602 and 629, with an average score of 608.68 and an average ranking of 10946. The average score can basically guarantee admission of most advantageous majors.In shaanxi province, the lowest score of science is 547, the highest score is 582, the average score is 561.58, the average score is 11212 (rank), the average score is 119 points higher than shaanxi science line, the score is not low, it is not easy to be admitted.If the college entrance examination fraction slightly lower classmate, also can consider hfut xuancheng school district, a number of times in shaanxi province science department cast archives lowest score 531 points, the average score of 542.6 points, around 20 points lower than the average score of school cadre, xuancheng school district and tunxi road campus, emerald lake campus, LiuAn Road campus in the aspect of management, training mode, the same only in different campuses,It’s worth considering.Hefei University of Technology is second only to University of Science and Technology of China in Anhui province, and ranks 82nd among universities in China. Its comprehensive strength is very strong, and its employment rate in recent years has remained above 95%. If you can pass the exam, you will not worry about employment, and the employment quality is very good, which is worth choosing when the 2022 high school candidates fill in the application.