Urgent!!!Notice on ankang code “yellow code” transcoding

2022-07-21 0 By

Follow us!Urgent!!!The announcement about the “yellow code” transcoding of Ankang code is still available for Phoenix residents: Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, according to the deployment of the Municipal Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters, screening and yellow code will be assigned to spatio-temporal companions in the city. The current transcoding rules and relevant tips are as follows:At present, yellow code personnel in liuji Town and Lichong Hui Clan Township can be converted to green code only after they have received two negative nucleic acid test reports within 3 days after March 27, 2022 (with an interval of 24 hours).Please do not make invalid appeal to the unqualified personnel.The spatio-temporal companions who turn yellow on March 28 and 29, 2022 can only turn green by holding two negative nucleic acid test reports (24 hours between the two tests) within 3 days after the yellow code is turned yellow. Relevant personnel are requested not to be in a rush to appeal. At present, the spatio-temporal companions do not meet the requirements for transcoding.Please do a good job of self-protection and wait patiently at home until the situation stabilizes. Ankang Code platform will transfer the code in a unified manner immediately, so that we can work together to overcome the difficulties.In addition, relevant rules will be adjusted in time with the change of the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the announcement in time.Fengtai County Data Resource Management Bureau March 29, 2022 Source: Fengtai County People’s Government