Miracle wins!Shui Qingxia tears talk about coaching women’s football, do not lose iron: final angry criticism of 2 big women golden ball

2022-07-21 0 By

China’s women’s soccer team has struggled over the past decade, raising concerns that it would fall in step with the national team until it fell out of the top ranks of Asia.Fortunately, in 2022, The Chinese women’s football team hit bottom and rebounded. After the humiliation of the 2021 Olympic Games, it took the initiative to correct the mistake and fired Jia Xiuquan, who “did not need a star” and trained in the Olympic Games. Then, under the leadership of the new head coach Shui Qingxia, it went against the current and won the gold medal in the National Games.In 2022, she beat Australia, South Korea and Japan to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the ninth time.This time, Chinese women’s football team played a rare picture in history, which is regarded as the spirit of women’s football. After entering the knockout stage, they all won the knockout stage, including 3-1 Vietnam women’s football team, 2-2 Japan women’s football Team (4-3 on penalty kicks), and 3-2 South Korea women’s football Team. Among them, they lost 2-0 at the half of the final, and finally won 3-2, which was an epic performance.With its miraculous winning streak, The Chinese women’s soccer team has attracted unprecedented attention and won tens of millions in prize money.Now, Chinese women’s football team is in isolation in suzhou observation, continue to close during the training, to prepare the next east Asia cup and the Asian games, the team up and down only the women’s Asian cup title as small goals, including east Asia cup and the Asian games are the Chinese women’s team also small goals, the team’s goal is to the world stage prove strength.Chinese women’s football coach Shui Qingxia recently sat down with “Face to Face” to discuss all aspects of leading the team to victory after winning the Asian Cup six times as a player and coach.First, Shui qingxia mentioned the team’s goals. After the closed training camp, the team plans to resume training in May in preparation for the East Asian Cup and Asian Games.”Having worked in women’s football for so many years, from players to coaches, I think the feelings of women’s football have always taken root in my heart.I think if I get a chance, I will try it.”When she said these words, Shui Qingxia burst into tears, which was her sincere expression of the Chinese women’s football team and her desire to pass on the confidence and foundation of the Chinese women’s football team.When it comes to taking over the team at a low point, Shui qingxia believes that building confidence is the most important thing and that the current female players should be encouraged, believing that they are the best they can be.When it comes to the knockout 3 consecutive victory, the final miracle, ShuiQingXia iron side, shows his bold directly when practice preachings, in direct final wrath of 2 big female golden Tang Jiali and frost, king ShuiQingXia direct criticism of the Asian cup final at half-time take 3 times the king of the Chinese women’s golden globes cream and 1 time to gain the Chinese women’s team’s golden globes Tang Jiali, stressed:Can you two do it? If not, go.Shui qingxia said the two were the core of the first half, not enough defensive movement, especially after the loss of the ball after the counter challenge, so criticized the two in midfield.In Shui qingxia’s opinion, to be an excellent athlete and the core of a team requires a lot of responsibilities, which is both natural and a responsibility.Proved ShuiQingXia lead strategy is very successful, fully shows the women’s team spirit, led the title after ShuiQingXia nor greed, think 3 key is counter attack to win game players, relationship with coach only 30%, and that the lead title, we still have some luck ingredient, to recognize the present situation of the Chinese women’s team, with strong team still has a gap.With such a low-key and pragmatic coach, the future of Chinese women’s football is promising!