Founding Fathers and Their Families (162)

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Zhuang Tian and His wife zhuang Tian and His wife zhuang Tian in Yunnan (1907-1992), a native of Wanning County in Hainan Province, was the founding lieutenant general.In his early years, he worked as a rubber worker and seaman in South Asia.In 1926, he joined the Communist Party of China in Singapore. In 1930, he studied at the Moscow Infantry School of the Soviet Union. In 1931, he returned to The Central Soviet Area of Jiangxi.Successively hong-jun ren school platoon leader, even the instructor, political commissar of the camp, southeast of the red army war zone MoFanTuan (colonel Gong Chu, commissar ussher right), director of the political section, the red army division 3 1 7 mission political commissar (colonel Gong Chu), division director of political department (teachers Zhou Kun, commissar ussher rights), 9 red army 22nd 65th mission political commissar (colonel He Zhongyao),Red army mission political commissar 39 (colonel Joshua maa, Dong Junyan), the section chief xin-ting wang (director), organized by the university political department, the red army qingyang infantry school mission political commissar 3 (colonel Huang Yanbin), the anti-japanese military and political university, director of education at the 3, Xu Guangda (the principal), qiongya people’s anti-japanese self-defense regiment independent corps deputy chief (chief and political commissar spirits),Qiongya people’s anti-Japanese guerrilla independent column deputy commander (commander and political commissar Feng Baiju), the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou border guerrilla column commander (political commissar Zhou Nan), Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou border column commander (political commissar Lin Li Ming).After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, he successively served as deputy Commander of Yunnan Military Area Command (1950 — 1953), Education director and Second Vice President of the PLA General Senior Infantry School (1955), Commander of Hainan Military Area Command (1957 — 1960), Deputy Commander of Guangzhou Military Area Command (1960 — 1963), and Vice Governor of Guangdong Province (1965 — 1967).Deputy Director of the fifth Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress.Tang Guanghui (1909 — 2008), a native of Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Province, was a founding major general.He joined the Red Army in 1930 and the Communist Party of China in the same year.Successively Ren Hong 4 army division team captain, division promote political department organization director-general, 11, 1 red army division 2 5 even instructor, teacher’s reconnaissance battalion commissar, yanan to sustain the political departments of education, the new fourth army political organization, vice minister of zi-fang li (minister), the new fourth army command military deputy director (director Li Yimang) and director (chief Lai Chuanzhu),RaoShuShi, director of the secretary of the new fourth army political department eliminate traitors agency (), shandong troops on the column 1 political director (Tan Qilong), deputy director of the east China field army column 1 political department director (commander titiyeah, commissar titiyeah, Tan Qilong), the people’s liberation army deputy political commissar, the 20 and political department director (captains vlon, commissar Chen Shifu), 21 JunZhengWei (captains TengHaiQing).After the founding of New China, he served successively as political Commissar of Jiaodong Military Region, Director of Political Department of Shandong Military Region, Military and Political Commissar of Public Security of Shenyang Military Region (1955), Political Commissar of Heilongjiang Military Region (1957), and Political Commissar of Jiangxi Military Region (1961-1964).Tian Chonghou and Qian Guiying (instructor of women’s company of the Red Fourth Front Army) married Tian Chonghou (1903 — 1987), born in Lu ‘an city, Anhui Province, the founding senior colonel.He joined the Communist Party of China in 1928 and led the “Liuhuo Peasant Uprising” in 1929. In January 1930, he led the guerrillas to join the Red Army., chairman of the association of luan county, county captains guerrilla group, the red army in the 74th division manager’s 25 (teachers hai-dong xu, Liang Congxue, commissar Zhou Huaxian, Yao Zhixiu), red army 75th 15 (teachers Zhang Shaodong, commissar Zhao Lingbo) supply department minister, the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region security command supply department minister, yanan political college students,(the new fourth army division 2 4th brigade supply department minister brigadier Liang Congxue, political commissar Wang Jicheng), 6 supply department minister (brigade commander and political commissar Tan Xilin), the new fourth army 7th division and wan jiang military supply department minister (generation of teachers Tan Xilin, commissar Zeng Xisheng), east China field army column 7 (commander ChengJun, commissar Zhao Qimin) supply department minister, wanbei military supply department commissar.His wife qian Guiying, a native of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, participated in the Long March of the Red Fourth Front Army.