Mutual help waiting for the bloom | under the epidemic warmth is not reduced

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On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2022, wulidian Sub-district dispatched 39 staff members to form a commando team to assist the Yihai Garden Management and Control Area of Xincun Sub-district, responsible for logistics support and nucleic acid testing for 928 households on 6 floors.As of February 9, the Wulidian sub-district Rescue Xincun commandos have provided convenient services for residents, purchased daily necessities, received and delivered more than 6,500 times, and assisted in 9,665 nucleic acid tests.The relief work has lasted for 12 days, bringing some troubles to the normal life of community residents. However, every heart-warming event in the process of fighting the epidemic has gathered together into a warm current of fighting against the epidemic, which warms people’s hearts and gives people strength.Do not want to let the masses of the New Year’s Eve dinner is less than a dish, residents buy more supplies, in order to ensure that residents of the New Year’s Eve dinner on many a dish, “express brother” are driving electric tricycles overnight delivery, in support of a few days before the vehicle is not in place, the staff are carrying by hand.On the night of January 30, it snowed and the ground was slippery, but residents’ express delivery was not delayed.”If we arrive at the moment earlier, we can feel more secure.I will never forget the “thank you” they said when they received Spring Festival supplies from the government. That’s what our work is all about!”Zhang Jinliang, who is responsible for the distribution of supplies, said.February 1, the first day of the Year of the Tiger, is also the fourth day that the staff came to support.During the nucleic acid test, Fu Wei, who was in charge of resident information registration, was busy inputting information. Suddenly, a resident handed over two bags of sugar, repeatedly saying, “Thank you, you are so hard that you can’t go home during the Spring Festival!”Looking at the sugar on the table, the staff immediately felt warm in the heart.”Nucleic acid is administered before dawn every day. Every resident has to scan the tubes, input information and disinfect them. The gel is very cold, especially in the morning and evening, and his hands are numb with cold.For the special groups of people who have difficulty in moving, they all go upstairs to get nucleic acid. Sometimes they have to climb all day. But when they see these two packs of New Year’s candy, their whole body is warmed.On the evening of February 7, a resident of The Ninth Control Area of Yihai Garden contacted epidemic prevention workers to report that a pregnant woman in Building 2 of Hengtai Garden was about to give birth at the hospital. Her spouse was not with her at the time, and the elderly family member was at home due to the epidemic control.However, the materials used in production and the certification required for the inspection of production need to be sent to the hospital urgently.Wang Hocheng, street support epidemic prevention cadre, and Kong Deyu, xincun street stationed cadre, immediately communicated with their families after learning of the situation, inquired about the pregnant woman’s condition, and drove the goods to the designated hospital.After receiving the goods, the pregnant woman’s eyes glistened with tears, “There are so many staff, jointly guard my child, thank you!”The express delivery delivered on time before The New Year’s Eve, the fast delivery of government supplies during the Spring Festival, and the light lit up by nucleic acid tests at night, the people affectionately called them “Baymax”, knowing that they would surely be able to solve any difficulties.The small gifts and warm words prepared by residents also gathered warmth to fight the epidemic.It is these touching stories that vividly explain the determination of the whole people to fight the epidemic, strengthen the determination of the whole region to win the fight against the epidemic, and let us see the love of mutual help.Source “Fengtai Daily” Fengtai District Rong media center author Zhao Yue editor Lin Yao