The heart of the winter Olympics feeling warm rear | culture and Tourism bureau trade union visited the winter Olympics to protect families

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Qiaodong Culture Travel follows the official wechat of Zhangjiakou Qiaodong District Culture, Radio, Film and Television and tourism Bureau to bring you to discover the unique beauty of Qiaodong!On January 28th, seven days before the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, four members of the trade union of the District Cultural and Tourism Bureau, led by Director Liu Xiaofei, visited the homes of leaders and staff who participated in the service and guarantee work of the Winter Olympic Games, and sent the care and warmth of the organization to every household.Everywhere we went, we communicated with the family members cordially, understood the living situation and what we needed and wanted, and expressed our heartfelt thanks to the family members for their support and understanding of the work of the bureau.I hope the families can take good care of their health and family, and let their loved ones work in peace on the front line.In order to effectively serve and safeguard the overall situation of the Winter Olympics, highlight the cultural and tourism responsibility.The District Culture and Tourism Bureau, led by the party secretary, selected two business backbone to carry out the winter Olympics security work in Qiaodong camp, and one staff to assist in the isolation point, making every effort to participate in the security work of the Winter Olympics.This sympathy for the families to send not only some condolence, more is a warm, an encouragement, a strong friendship to our participation in the Winter Olympics service security staff.You are in the front “charge”, we are in the rear “escort”, do logistics support, let us work together to welcome the arrival of the 2022 Winter Olympics.