Police Wang Kun: law holding stick, guard justice

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Jiangbei District public Security sub-branch legal system detachment deputy leader Wang Kun self introduction.He is the legal supervisor in the police, the legal experts in the public security system, always hold the stick of law, protect justice.Today (26), Chongqing “the most beautiful chongqing police model” press conference held, Jiangbei district public security sub-bureau legal branch deputy captain Wang Kun police officer told his story.Dr. Wang, who often refers to himself as the “keeper” of the law, is determined to get the case through the final hurdle.In Wang’s opinion, whether the facts of the case are ascertained, whether the qualitative nature of the case is accurate, whether the evidence of the case is sufficient, and whether the application of the law is accurate are the categories to be mastered.In 2021, the police of Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau arrested a large number of members of an overseas telecom fraud gang after investigation and control.After investigation, the gang carried out fraud in groups. Only one group of suspects committed fraud against local police in Chongqing, while the other “group” suspects had no actual contact with the victims.Therefore, Wang Kun analyzed relevant laws one by one, and tried to find specific legal rules to support the prosecution of the case.Dr. Wang found that judicial interpretations in relevant documents clearly stated that “the crimes committed by multiple suspects are directly related, and the combination of cases is conducive to finding out the facts of the case.”He argued that there was a “direct correlation” in the circumstances of the case that would apply.In the end, with wang’s full participation, the police successfully solved the case, prosecuted 19 people to the procuratorate, and prepared to move 9 people.It is understood that Wang Kun graduated from northwest University of Political Science and Law, majoring in law, has been dealing with legal provisions for more than 20 years.Wang said that in recent years, the means of crime have become new, diversified and scientific. What the legal police need to do is to provide reasonable, accurate and effective legal support for handling cases.In the “Net 2021” special operation, jiangbei police through a “business card”, found that a company named “China truth private detective Agency” carried out a series of violation of citizens’ personal information business, such as secretly taking photos and videos, investigation of private property.In view of the problems existing in the case, Wang Kun consulted a large number of legal provisions and quoted them, which provided legal basis for the police to handle the case.After the case was identified, jiangbei police took immediate action and captured all 5 suspects.In 2021, Jiangbei District Public Security Sub-Bureau launched the “Jiang Xiaopolice Cloud Rule of law Micro Class” to carry out in-depth rule of law publicity and education activities through the combination of on-site teaching and video playback.In his lectures, Dr. Wang explained relevant laws in the Civil Code in a simple and profound way by combining vivid cases and hot social topics.Wang said that as a front-line police officer, he always regards the law as a tool and criterion in combating crimes.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)