What diseases does copper resinate prevent

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Prevention and control of black star disease, anthracnose, bacterial keratosis, eggplant blight and other diseases.1. Copper abietate is a new type of copper preparation sterilization pesticide with high efficiency, low toxicity and broad spectrum. It has the new characteristics of long duration and easy to use.Copper abietate can be mixed with a variety of insecticides, pesticide fungicides and regulators, and can enhance each other.Most importantly, continuous use of the drug does not develop resistance.It should be noted that copper abietate can not be mixed with strong acid, alkaline pesticides and fertilizers.2, black star disease: the victim fruit surface of reddish brown spots, after expanding to round, surrounding uplift, reddish brown to black brown, central depression, gray brown, scattered on the many black spots, only against the epidermal.2. Anthrax is caused by the infection of fungi belonging to the subgenus hemicyrophytes.Leaf infected with the disease at the beginning of the dark green water stains like small spots, later expanded to brown round spots, spots slightly depressed in the center, white to yellow brown, edge obvious, slightly uplifted, brown.When wet, the spots produce ringlets and small black spots.When dry, the diseased tissue is old and hard, and the diseased spots are yellow or white, without wheel grain and black spots.