King James opens KTV mode in his home and calls himself the Son of God!The lakers won 38.7 percent without him

2022-07-17 0 By

Los Angeles Lakers star lebron James updated his social media blog on February 5, Posting some scenes of him relaxing at home, not feeling affected by the team’s recent poor record.In the scene James posted, No road is either on the way home or enjoying a meal outdoors, accompanied by music all the time.And he listened to the rise of the song, but also did not forget to hum two lines, sometimes even singing and dancing, facial expression is also extremely exaggerated.He also posted selfies with the words “GOD’s SON.” Is that a way of calling himself a “SON of GOD”?However, his good mood is in sharp contrast to the lakers’ current record.The Los Angeles Lakers are 1-4 in the five games James has missed because of a swollen knee, and could be worse off if James doesn’t return in time.According to statistics, the Lakers have won 38.7 percent of their games without James since joining in 2018;With James on the court, the lakers are 127-76 with a winning percentage of 62.6 percent over the same period.And, league-wide, only three teams have a better winning percentage than the Lakers in that span with James on the floor.