Bibcock 8 days harvest 7 boards!Infrastructure sector to meet a strong outbreak of institutions said industry chain fundamentals or positive changes

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According to the view of the brokerage, under the tone of steady growth, infrastructure investment is expected to support the bottom of the economy. Taking into account financial factors such as special debt and local government implicit debt supervision, it is expected to achieve 6.5% growth for the whole year, and infrastructure REITs are expected to become a potential source of incremental capital for infrastructure.Infrastructure industry chain may usher in fundamental positive changes, the current overall plate low valuation, low allocation.”Financial union early know” : today’s resumption + tomorrow’s forward-looking, select more valuable trading information.February 7 21:05 “Finance Union early Know” tracking out the Information of the National Development and Reform Commission “moderately ahead of infrastructure investment”, citing the view of brokers pointed out that the domestic public REITs policy continues to promote, is expected to bring marginal incremental capital for infrastructure, boosting the construction sector to achieve valuation repair promotion.Among the listed companies, Zhejiang Construction investment involves construction and industrial manufacturing supporting the main industry chain of construction.Sniper List: Reveal the ultra short line mode, find the logic behind the funds!February 13 18:06 “Sniper Dragon tiger List” sorted out the hot spots on the board, pointing out that in the morning before the article was published, the infrastructure sector was relatively weak, picked up under the influence of zhejiang Construction Investment strong pull, looking forward to the future market, as a leader is expected to continue to strengthen.The share price of Zhejiang Construction Investment continued to rise, starting from the first combing of VIP columns, up to the close of February 16, it rose 77.11% on 7 days.”Telegram Interpretation” : the first time to push important information exclusive in-depth analysis.On February 14, 19:13 “Telegraph interpretation” interpretation of institutions dragon tiger list, pointed out that Hulan Group subsidiaries in the survey and design industry in the engineering general contracting subdivision ranked the first private enterprises in 2019, and set up 15 branches in key cities across the country, is expected to attract institutional capital attention, its harvest in February 16, 20cm trading limit,It rose 22.5 percent as of Tuesday.”9 o ‘clock special offer” : the special offer morning paper that must be read before the plate.February 14 08:01 “9 o ‘clock Special Supply” traced to January, the National Energy Administration has issued a demonstration notice of ultra-high voltage and other large projects, it is expected that the project will be accelerated.Dongfang Tower is one of the companies that can produce steel towers for transmission lines with the highest voltage grade of 1000kV in China and is expected to attract financial attention.By the end of February 16, it had risen 14.58 per cent in three trading days.”Financial union early know” : today’s resumption + tomorrow’s forward-looking, select more valuable trading information.On February 10, 21:39, “Early Knowledge of Finance Union” pointed out that the social finance data exceeded expectations + the Ministry of Communications accelerated the construction of major projects, and the infrastructure industry welcomed opportunities. Then, it quoted the view of securities firms to interpret the investment logic of the industrial chain and mentioned the construction and research design.Shares of the company rose in shock, up to the close of February 16, 4 days up to 20.10%.On February 11, according to the relevant provisions of the Drug Administration Law, the State Food and Drug Administration (SDA) conducted emergency review and approval in accordance with the special drug approval procedures, and conditionally approved the import registration of Pfizer’s Novel Coronavirus treatment drug Nematvir/ritonavir combined package (Paxlovid).Sniper List: Reveal the ultra short line mode, find the logic behind the funds!February 15 20:49 “sniper dragon tiger list” interpretation of hot plate, pointed out that Chengda pharmaceutical yesterday board boosted the CXO plate market, chip structure, will be extremely shrinkage and chip stability, is expected to continue strong.”Announcement all know” : comb hidden in the announcement of good, bad.February 15 21:52 “announcement all know” comb listed companies key announcements, and on the changes in Chengda pharmaceutical announcement to comment, pointed out that Chengda pharmaceutical by Pfizer API factory commissioned, customized research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates;The company is also one of the top five suppliers of l-carnitine in China, accounting for nearly 15% of the global market.In addition, 10 of its major CDMO R&D projects are in the commercialization stage, with reasonable product echelon and strong performance growth momentum.February 16, Chengda pharmaceutical strong pull up harvest “20cm” limit.Sniper List: Reveal the ultra short line mode, find the logic behind the funds!”Sniper dragon and Tiger List” explains the hot spots on the board and points out that wonder drugs are an important support for the opening up of the world in the post-epidemic era. Through new projects, Yambon Chemical has formed a complete production path from advanced intermediates to apis, and its profits have also increased significantly.On February 16, Yamamoto chemical harvest trading limit, the close, its two trading days up 27.34%.”9 o ‘clock special offer” : the special offer morning paper that must be read before the plate.February 16 08:02 “nine points for” tracking leading plate medicine, pointed out that with the market gradually bottoming signs, plate short-term bottom, some quality branches and stocks began to walk out of a certain degree of independence, combing related industries listed companies mentioned Wandong medical, its trading limit on February 16.(Credit: Financial Union)