“2-0” eight and nine!Cristiano Ronaldo has become an old man.

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Fa Cup super upset!Manchester United, fourth in the Premier League, lost 7-8 on penalties to Middlesbrough, seventh in the Championship.Ronaldo, 37 years old, has the lowest score after the match. Is he really old?Manchester United’s recent form has picked up, with a run of four unbeaten games to climb into fourth place.In the fa Cup, middlesbrough, the seventh team in the Championship, were welcomed.In the fans’ eyes, this is a game to give Manchester United brush confidence, even fans shouted 5-0 rhetoric.From the start, United dominated the game, with possession rate, shots on goal and other statistics similar to Japan’s 2-0 win over China on the first day of the New Year.However, the dominant United did not kick the Japanese team to crush the Chinese football results.Instead, it was more like the Japanese women’s 5-6 Chinese women’s soccer match.The referee awarded a penalty in the 20th minute after Pogba was brought down in the penalty area after a long absence.Life man Cristiano Ronaldo took the penalty and the ball went wide of the post to seal a 1-0 victory.Six minutes later, United were back.United lead 1-0 at Middlesbrough as sancho hits the ball from a tight Angle and the defender puts his foot out to intercept the ball.Since then, although united again with the strength of the advantage of a number of opportunities to shoot, but all the attacking players have been frustrated, never break the Middlesbrough goal.It was not until the 65th minute that the Middlesbrough player “handed the ball over” and set up crooks.A game that should have been 2-0 became a 1-1 draw.As for the handball, it can be considered accidental under the new rules, so there is nothing to say if the referee did not call it.It can only be said that the performance of the United players in this game was very poor, especially the forward players finishing ability can be called China’s football.After 90 minutes and 120 minutes, both sides could no longer get their goalkeepers on target and went into a penalty shootout.This scene reminds people of the Chinese women’s football team’s match against the Japanese women’s football team.In the end, after eight rounds of the shootout, the 19-year-old elanga missed and United won 7-8 on penalties.An 8-9 aggregate defeat and a shock exit from the FA Cup.Imagine if birthday boy Cristiano Ronaldo could have scored that penalty kick in the 20th minute.United could easily duplicate Japan’s 2-0 victory over China on the first day of the Chinese New Year.However, Ronaldo missed a penalty kick to turn the match into a 5-6 Japan women’s match against China.Praise middlesbrough for beating a weak team.After the game, The missed penalty kick C luo got the lowest score of the game, 5 points, with elanga missed the eighth penalty in the shootout, tied for the lowest.Today, just is 37 years old birthday of Cristiano ronaldo, this let a person admire super star, really lian Po is old?