Xingxian County Bureau of Human resources and Social Security: dedicated enthusiastic service, frank communication, dispelling doubts and solving difficulties

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Yellow River News Network lv Liang xun (Gao Chongde Liu Xuebing) in order to in-depth understanding of enterprise labor demand, unremitting “stable employment, labor protection, promote development”.On February 14, xing County bureau of Human resources and Social Security held a symposium to serve key enterprises.The main leaders of human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the heads of relevant departments attended the meeting, and the heads or representatives of 17 key employment enterprises, including Chinalco China Resources, Xishan Jinxing Xigou Coal Mine and Xingxian China Resources Liansheng Coal Industry Co., LTD., attended the discussion and discussion.Since last year, and the bureau organized to hold the online and offline “, “+” outside the county in the county fairs, steady work will return, measures and more stable employment, employment, promoting development, diversified, multiple forms, multi-channel “road bridge”, the recruitment to provide services for the enterprise and meet the demand of all kinds of people to apply for a job, and achieved significant results.At present, the resumption of work and production after the holiday is imminent, and the human resources and social security departments are very concerned about whether key enterprises can operate at full capacity.At the symposium, the entrepreneurship and Employment Center notified the subsidy standard, number of trainees and amount of payment for organizing training enterprises in 2021;The paper interprets the relevant documents of enterprise workers’ vocational skills upgrading training and the notice of resident enterprises settling in Public employment service platform of Xingxian County.The director of the human resources and Social Security Bureau thanked the enterprises for their support and understanding of human resources and social security work.Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will further enhance the level of service.Be a good “investigator”, perfect supply and demand information database.Timely organization of personnel in the key enterprises where you are, the backbone enterprises in the county to find out the employment position, grasp the employment demand, the establishment of the employment list.Be a good “salesman”, do all kinds of job fairs.Organize special job fairs for key industries and enterprises to ensure the quality of posts, so that more good posts not only meet the public’s “taste” but also meet individual needs.Be a good “waiter” to achieve full employment coverage.Pay close attention to the needs of enterprises, training what is needed, implement enterprises “order”, training institutions “order”, workers “order” training.We will enhance the pertinence and precision of skills training, and improve the matching degree between workers and employers.At the same time, enterprises should learn more about national policies towards enterprises, increase communication with human resources and social security departments, actively cooperate with human resources and Social Security bureau to serve enterprises, organize enterprise training, take workers for training, and pay social security funds for employees.The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will provide social security reimbursement, enterprise training and work-for-training subsidies to enterprises involved in relevant work in a timely manner.During the symposium, representatives of the participating enterprises expressed their gratitude to xingxian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for its timely and intimate active service.They reviewed the production and operation of their respective enterprises, briefly introduced their scale, workers’ wages, job shortages, social security payments, skills training and other problems and difficulties, and put forward specific opinions and suggestions on policy support and supporting security.The leaders at the meeting responded positively, saying that they would conduct in-depth study item by item, formulate measures, solve problems in place, implement policies in place, fulfill commitments in place, further optimize services, active services, follow-up services, so that enterprises can be assured of production, operation and development.The atmosphere of the symposium was harmonious and the exchange was frank and friendly.Both sides agreed that they will work side by side to overcome difficulties and go all out to make due contributions to the high quality economic and social transformation and development of Xingxian County.