Type 4 “Small Business” small investment, high return!Farmers returning to their hometowns in 2022 might as well try

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Not long ago, at the end of last year, the relevant authorities officially announced that the average salary of migrant workers in cities last year was more than 4,400 yuan per month.That’s an 8.8 percent increase over 2020, but while wages are rising slightly, prices are also soaring.In many places, years of wage growth are less than half a year of price inflation.Such a situation makes migrant workers look better and better on the surface, but in fact they still have no ability to resist in the face of various major events in life.A major illness or a single dowry can bring a family back from poverty.Although many migrant workers do not fully hope to work, they still want to farm, but in recent years, although the output of farming has been increasing, farmers’ profits have not increased.It is because of this that many farmers have become disillusioned with farming and only regard farming as a way to make a living and will try it as soon as there is another way out.After all, middle-aged farmers are not as skilled at farming as older generations, either unable to do so or unable to do so with skill and cost.Busy all the year round of back-breaking work can only earn 30 or 40 thousand, and young people in the city work frustrated, farmers have no way out?Of course, because the state has also made efforts to support ordinary people to start businesses in recent years.Various policies and subsidies have been designed to help ordinary people start their own businesses, to attract energetic young people who work in cities back to the countryside, and to drive the economic growth and revitalization of the countryside in their own way.For farmers, starting their own business is indeed the most practical and likely way to succeed.The state provides a lot of help to farmers. For example, for young people who respond to the call to return to farming, the state provides high loans that pay little, if any, interest.Then it is to help villagers, to the villagers knowledge and skills training, can be said to be painstakingly, well-intentioned.So today I will introduce a few suitable for rural people to start their own business, you can understand.01 These four kinds of business cost is low and profit is high, young people who go home for Chinese New Year this year can try 1, decoration decoration is not so difficult, many farmers will feel that they have not learned design, how can they do decoration?But I’m not telling you to go straight to being a designer, where experience is the most important thing.We can work from inside the decoration team first, after a few years, we have accumulated enough experience, have enough understanding of all kinds of rooms, and then we can go it alone.2, set up stalls to sell snacks in fact, we should also feel that selling snacks is a very profitable business, because the cost of a snack is only a few dollars or even a few cents, but it can sell more than ten dollars.Even counting carpet fees and so on, it is still a very profitable industry.And now people’s living standard is higher and higher, but also more and more willing to spend money, for a little more expensive snacks will not hesitate to buy, and there is no threshold in this line, very recommended.3, mobile phone film this is also a very profitable industry, the same type of mobile phone case and so on.Because these things wholesale replenish stock, purchase price is with gross for the unit.But when selling, the price is not less than 10 yuan, as long as dozens of sold, the purchase cost is covered, the rest are net profit.There are no requirements, it’s easy to get started, and I highly recommend you try it.In fact, I do not want to tell you this point, because farmers are already suffering, while the price of grain has been slow to grow, the price of agricultural materials is getting higher and higher.We’re all farmers too, and we know what that feels like.Now teaching everyone to sell agricultural materials to make money is almost the oppression of their own people.However, agricultural materials are really just needed by farmers, and there is a very good market. Therefore, selling agricultural materials in most rural areas is very profitable, and there is a word-of-mouth effect.Generally speaking, it is very easy for people like farmers without education or professional skills to make a living or even live a good life, but people do not open their minds.Bottom line: There are many, many good projects that can make easy money, but they all have one thing in common: they are not decent.If a man is selling pancakes on the street, even if he earns more than 10,000 yuan a month, his mother-in-law may not accept it. This is impossible. How do you think we should solve this problem?Feel free to comment in the comments section.