Girls hit hyaluronic acid to cause blindness and cerebral infarction!315 party reveals illegal medical beauty crash course

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Xiao Xue, a post-90s nurse, lost her left eye permanently after a medical beauty accident.Xiaoxue: It’s better to die.Two years ago, a clothing store owner who claimed to inject hyaluronic acid to help fill her forehead gave her six injections at a hotel for 1,000 yuan a shot.Xiao Xue: It was supposed to be injected on the skin, but it got injected into the blood vessel and blocked the central artery.Xiao Xue was rushed to the hospital and saved her life, but she was left with lifelong regret: blindness in her left eye and massive cerebral infarction.Xiao Hong, a post-80s girl, is a network anchor.A year ago, at a friend’s house, she received stem cells injected into both sides of her nose to fill the lacrimal groove at a cost of 1,500 yuan.Xiao Hong: My face is swollen like a bee sting, and it’s swollen all the time under my eyes.I couldn’t take the blow. I didn’t want to live at that time.Wang received more than 20 injections of hyaluronic acid from a friend at home, costing nearly 200,000 yuan, and the results were beyond recognition.Ms. Wang: When I saw it, I really wanted to die. I was completely out of shape.I regret it very much. The damage is really lifelong.In recent years, there have been many consumers across the country who have suffered lifelong injuries due to beauty treatments, and these practitioners who have caused harm to others are not actually doctors.Xiaoxue: she herself open is a clothing store.Xiao Hong: I know she doesn’t have any qualifications, nothing.Ms. Wang: that person usually walks in each hotel, the community resident’s home to take the beauty needle.Where do these illegal practitioners come from?There are a lot of medical cosmetology training institutions on the Internet, all claiming one-to-one tutoring, hand teaching, zero basic education package meeting, graduation certificate.Meixi Shuyan Medical cosmetology is located in an office building in Luyang District, Hefei city. It is a medical cosmetology organization, which provides medical cosmetology services such as nose augmentation and eyelid surgery. They recruit students online in the name of Meixi International medical beauty education.Anhui Beauty beauty shu Yan medical cosmetology teacher: learn this thing is to teach package, there is no foundation to ensure that you can learn.The training teacher announced that they have a micro plastic surgery all-round training program, including a variety of injection, line carving, embedding double eyelid and other courses, a total of nine days of learning, charging 6,800 yuan per person.Anhui Mei Xi Shu Yan Medical cosmetology teacher: each class will be controlled at about 20 people, two classes a month.Can the trainees after their training be engaged in the medical beauty industry?The chief also spoke bluntly.Anhui Meixi shu Yan medical cosmetology teacher: you don’t learn from others, you don’t do what others are doing, see how you think.Some people care about legitimacy, some people care about making money.Bmeisi medical Cosmetology, also a medical beauty organization, recruits students online in the name of bmeisi Medical Beauty College.They use the way of boutique small class teaching, micro plastic surgery general class 1-5 people per period, the tuition of 4500 yuan.Bengbu Bomeisi Medical cosmetology director: For students with zero foundation.The person in charge claims that they have campuses in Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenyang and other places.Zhengzhou Xingmei Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. also opened medical beauty training courses on the network in the name of Haiao International education, the training classroom is a large office room, more than a dozen seats, with soft plastic face molds on the table.Zhengzhou Xingmei Education Information Consulting Co., LTD. Teacher: After the students go back, they can get started directly, and they can teach.So, what is the training course of general practice beauty, which is called zero-foundation training?The reporter paid more than 5000 yuan for the registration fee, and became a student of the micro plastic surgery training class in Nanjing Campus.The training institute, located in an office building in gulou District, has a business license that lists it as’ educational consulting. ‘The general course of The school includes three practical courses: beauty injection, facial line carving, and eyelid surgery.The 14 students come from all over the country, and none has a medical background.Reporter: What do you usually do?St. Gloria’s Training School student: Tattoos and the like.St. Gregory’s Trainee: I’ve never held a needle or given an injection.The first lesson of the morning is how to get botox injections and how to earn more money in practice.Teacher: The botox was diluted with a lot of saline. One bottle of botox could hit five people.So that’s why plastic surgery hospitals often push people to get botox, because the profit margin is big.In the afternoon, students dressed as doctors in blue scrubs.Teachers encourage students to take photos of the learning process and post them on wechat moments to prove that they are receiving professional training and start accumulating customer resources.Saint Kelly he training school students: it is good to send friends circle, people trust high, we are authentic medical beauty training.The teacher stressed in class, although we are zero basis, did not have a shot, but do not show cowardly, otherwise it is easy to reveal.Teacher: No matter whether we are professional or not, we have to pretend to be professional. For example, if you remove needles and wear gloves, you can’t give people the impression that you are not professional.Who is the teacher who dares to train these novices?Sun, the teacher in charge of the training, claimed to be a medical practitioner, but refused to show his medical practitioner certificate to reporters.Teacher: No, I don’t have my license. It’s at St. Gary’s.Through the name of the training teacher and the full name of the affiliated medical institution, no medical practice information of the teacher was found.Injection is the most widely needed beauty program in the medical beauty industry, so the course of injection is also the longest.The teacher said that the role of water needle, it mainly plays a moisturizing, shrinking pores, improve skin quality.Botox, which is used to reduce face, body weight and wrinkles.For four days in a row, the afternoon is a variety of injection practice classes, students according to the different effects of injection in different parts of the practice.Teacher: It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. You just follow what the teacher tells you to do. You don’t need to understand everything.The fifth day is the facial line carving course, which is also a high-end surgical project in the medical beauty project, which makes more money.The teacher first showed a video and then explained how to use a needle.In the afternoon, the teacher gave students a facial line carving operation on the spot in the humble classroom.Reporters see, the teacher will first dozens of blunt needles one by one into the student’s face of the skin, faint to see blood constantly oozing.After burying the egg white thread, the teacher pulled out the blunt needle in turn, and then buried the thread on the other side of the face.Teacher: It’s almost done, dear. There are still two or three needles left. The second row will hurt more than the first.At this time, the gauze was stained with blood, the student’s face has become swollen, the teacher kept wiping, anti-inflammatory mask for the student, but also brought an ice pack cold compress swollen cheeks.See the operation of the students sat up, the side of the students busy to comfort: slow, slow, wait a while to get down again.After class, the most enthusiastic discussion among students was how to charge customers as much as possible through this high-end surgery program in the future.A: How much would you say the operation costs?Student B: At least 20,000 yuan, it can’t be lower.A: Small line carving, I can tell the customer, do fewer times, do more times.Student B of St. Gloria’s Training School: That’s ok.You’re right. It’s a good idea.The facial sculpting course is over with just one operation.On the last day of the course, the trainees watched the video and practiced once on the mold. The whole training was over.These students are leaving their jobs without any medical background.Teacher: Students have some shop, is a beauty salon, beauty shop, shop studio.Some of the students quit from the factory.Six days of micro plastic surgery class completed, a few days ago or zero basis of the students got the training institutions issued by micro plastic beautician senior certificate, certification body is “international plastic beauty professional certification center”, query found that the certification center website without any record information.St. Gary’s School trainee: Always remember, injections only doctors can do that, just always remember that.Reporter: So you go back to do this, you are not afraid of an accident?St Carrie’s Wood School trainee: What’s the matter?You just have to pay attention to that.After the training, the teacher sent the contact information of pharmaceutical wholesalers in the class group, through which students can get a variety of injections at extremely low prices, and then add prices to inject customers.Teacher: You take the goods at about 1000 yuan.1000 yuan a little injection, but the plastic surgery hospital is 12800 a, basically 10 times.A month later, the reporter came to Wuxi, found a classmate of the training class Chen, she used to be engaged in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce weight, now became a door-to-door to give customers all kinds of hairdressing needles practitioner of medical beauty.Student Chen: When I came back, I called for an injection at home for the first time.But I also pretended to calm down and hit a few more. It doesn’t matter now. I’m used to it.I’ve been doing a lot of botox these days.Chen is ready for his son to do the same when he grows up.Student Chen: My son will follow me to do this when he is 18 years old. Aren’t there many boys doing micro plastic surgery now?Source: CCTV Finance