Discover uterine flesh tumor, does the uterus want to cut?Women should take note

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Uterine fibroids are one of the most common benign tumors of the female reproductive system. They are mainly formed by the proliferation of smooth muscle cells that form the uterine muscle wall. The incidence of uterine fibroids is generally higher in women aged 30-50 years, and relatively rare in women of puberty and menopause.About 20 percent of women over the age of 30 have fibroids, which means one in five women has fibroids.A lot of women are found in the physical examination, because people for the fear of tumor, most people hear the word “tumor”, very panic, especially heard that someone because of uterine fibroids to the entire uterus are cut off, more worried.But got uterine flesh tumour to want to cut uterus really?In the past may not be a good method to treat hysteromyoma, once found, only a hysterectomy, but with the progress of medical technology, there are many treatment of uterine fibroids, and can save the uterus way, such as gonadotrophin releasing drug mifepristone and pregnant three ketene, etc., to a certain extent, can inhibit the growth of myoma, prompted uterine fibroids atrophy,And some minimally invasive procedures can ensure the integrity of the uterus.For the need to remove the uterus, according to the patient’s age, symptoms, fibroid size, fertility and other comprehensive consideration, for women with fertility requirements, generally recommended myomectomy, that is, the removal of fibroids and the retention of the uterus.But for menopausal women, with huge, multiple fibroids, or in the short term fibroids increase significantly, vigilant malignant disease patients, or recommended to remove the uterus.Removal of the uterus is also recommended if severe uterine problems are present.Do not remove uterus, relapse easily?Although uterine fibroids are generally benign in the majority, the probability of malignant transformation is very little, only 0.4-0.8%, but really complete cure is still difficult, so the recurrence rate of uterine fibroids is very high, data show that after surgical treatment of uterine fibroids, as long as the uterus is not removed, the possibility of recurrence is very large.For example, the recurrence rate of single sex muscle tumor is about 12%, multiple muscle tumor recurrence rate is as high as 48%, relapse after 2-3 years more commonly.Most of them are young women.After the reason of relapse is removed with uterine flesh tumour commonly, the pathogenic factor of flesh tumour is still in, after surgery flesh tumour has remnant, small flesh tumour did not discover to wait for concern.How to prevent uterine flesh tumour to recur?1. Keep good living habits should keep regular work and rest, optimistic mood, can not have too much depression, because depression is easy to cause the increase of hormone level in the body, and the production of uterine fibroids is related to the increase of hormone level, so to prevent the recurrence of uterine fibroids, control the hormone level is the key.2. Diet should pay attention to light flat first diet should be light, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not eat too much spicy, raw and cold, greasy and other excitant food, but also avoid eating any food containing hormones or drugs, so as not to induce uterine fibroids.3. Prepare contraception should try to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion, studies have found that pregnancy can speed up the development of uterine fibroids, so it is important to note that birth control, decrease The Times of pregnancy had hysteromyoma patients with oral contraceptives, because of exogenous hormones can also stimulate the fibroid development, secondly is unfavorable also placed the coil,Increased susceptibility to vulnerable uterine bleeding may lead to other contraceptive methods.Good life comes from the beginning of health, the beginning of health, health science popularization professional media!