On lexus “craftsman spirit” to drop

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At the beginning of the New Year, various lists of 2021 car market have been released, among which, in the luxury brand list, in addition to the strong new power brand for the first time, Lexus performance is also worth paying attention to.Bring the chart from AC motors as lexus imported brands may still sold more than 200000 new cars, but fell by 6.9% in 2020, compared with other common rally this year second-line luxury brand (such as the red flag, Cadillac, Volvo), lexus as ever “number one player,” step backwards.Subdivided into single vehicle sales, under the background of “lack of core” for most of the year, Lexus ES sedan, which occupies nearly half of lexus’s annual sales volume, can still enter the top 15 of the list, and its hard power is quite strong.But the performance of the lexus RX and Lexus NX, two suVs that are supposed to be more popular in the Chinese market, can only be described as “lackluster”.At the top of the list, we can see the Volvo XC60 and Cadillac XT5, which are clearly the mainstay of the sales of these two luxury brands, which means that Chinese consumers do prefer suVs from second-tier luxury brands, but Lexus is the exception.Bring about 2017 lexus ES2018 years, that time has just completed new ES an overhaul of the world, to say the most amazing part, may not be the new rear suspension finally from the connecting rod “chopsticks” for at least four connecting rod with the era of E, also not is what TNGA architecture, after all, believe that buying ray car didn’t take a fancy to the consumer;They also don’t care that an executive class sedan with a floor size of 300,000 yuan is only equipped with a set of low-resolution small screens (of course, the top-of-the-line model with a floor price of 500,000 yuan or so has a large screen), which is out of place in this era when cars are filled with large screens.Therefore, only these two words are the key of the key — appearance level.Ask yourself, is the new ES good?Maybe people have different opinions. Indeed, the new ES may not be amazing, but the key to the success of the new ES is not how “beautiful” it is, but how “like” it is. It is enough that the new ES is almost its “big brother” — Lexus LS.▲ Question: Which is ES and which is LS?So far, how many people on the road can pick out a C-class sedan (technically a B-plus?) with a floor price of around 300,000 yuan?And a D-class sedan with a floor price of more than 800,000 yuan?The difference between the new ES and LS may be more difficult to recognize than the more “nesting doll” BBA.The similarity between the New LEXus ES and LS extends from the exterior to the interior, and even from the luxury atmosphere of the two cars as a whole. Apart from the difference in body proportion between front and rear drives, the other differences are really just a matter of opinion.But here, perhaps some people will ask: Toyota made the new ES so “premium”, that Lexus LS is still sold?Well, that’s the heart of the problem.LS is not really ready to sell even one yet.If they cannot be sold, they will be put on display in the shop. Next door, there will be a new ES display car. Besides, there will be a card of “Famous car has owner” on the windshield of ES.That’s about all lexus can do with its flagship LS for now.Bring handsome not beef, lexus very clearly, if the American new IS introduced, which IS not good sell copies of the actual product force level with BBA has more than 2 times not only that, in order to make the strategy of “ES” of lexus IS effectively, seems you have forgotten the lexus GS and lexus IS,These two luxury sedans with the same front and rear drive as LS were abandoned mercilessly by Lexus because their product power could only “imitate” BBA but could not achieve the strategic purpose of “surprise victory”.”When you see Japanese people working, you know Lexus is not doing much,” cao Dewang, the “king of glass”, said recently after visiting a Lexus factory in Japan.Lexus holds every new car it makes to a higher standard — the so-called “spirit of craftsmanship” in Japan — so it has to take longer to produce each car.Another implication is that even if it takes three and a half months to deliver the car, it is due to the “craftsman spirit”, not deliberately delayed delivery time.On the contrary, the long waiting period is more meaningful, allowing customers to more deeply feel lexus manufacturing spirit of excellence…Okay, I can’t do this anymore.Bring the lexus GS from lexus cars above strategy analysis, we can found that lexus after almost all of its production line to drive cars became the new ES “sacrifice”, this just for ES some from the levels of product performance, make it in a made-up “dislocation” level wind, it’s raining.But don’t forget, the new ES is also part of the TNGA architecture, which also fits into Toyota’s so-called “lean production” management model.Toyota also claims that the TNGA architecture is based on improving the rate of sharing (for example, sharing body parts or workstation fixtures) to improve efficiency and reduce costs.▲ Workers are “as accurate as machines”. Does that mean that machines are more accurate than humans?In this way, lexus’ concept of “slow production” seems to be contrary to TNGA’s core idea.Lexus will then explain that this is the result of the meticulous attention paid to every detail by every “crafty” worker with more than 15 years of experience at Toyota’s Kyushu plant.▲ Lexus is known as LS door panel “Kiriko” process from The Japanese craftsmen to create carefully, after the selection, the car cycle for several months yes, when referring to Lexus, will first think of those Toyota Kyushu factory “craftsmen”, then think of “craftsman spirit”, think of excellence,Think of the “affordable” policy of “4-year free maintenance” for fuel cars and “6-year free maintenance” for hybrid cars;At this point, a Lexus with a $350,000 markup and a Lexus with a wait of less than six months seemed to translate into wonderful praise for the brand.So, here, Toyota for Lexus prospective owners of the “PUA” program, this is successfully completed.But is Lexus, or Japan’s craftsman spirit, as portrayed by some in the media that quality comes first and customers come first?The question mark here is not meant to be critical.In the past two years, the discussion on the Internet about Japan’s “craftsman spirit” has been quietly souring.And the young people who frequently read Weibo and B station, when they mention the word “craftsman spirit”, they will inevitably think of “Gongcraftsman” — “Gongcraftsman spirit”.As we all know, on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in the northeast Pacific Ocean knocked out the Fukushima nuclear power plant on Japan’s east coast.A decade later, Japan is still dumping contaminated water from the Fukushima plant into the Pacific Ocean, and the country’s industrial scandals have never stopped coming to light.World-renowned Japanese conglomerates such as TOSHIBA, MITSUBISHI and TORAY have been hit by manufacturing and financial scandals.The car industry has seen appalling scandals such as kobe Steel’s falsification of steel quality data (affecting 500 carmakers around the world), Takata’s exploding metal airbags (which killed dozens of people over a decade) and Subaru’s use of unqualified temporary workers to conduct final inspections.And what is “bow craftsman spirit”?I believe you have also seen it in major international news and Japanese dramas. Whenever there is a scandal involving Japanese enterprises or the Japanese government, there will be a group of Japanese men in suits sitting at the long table with serious looks on their faces. After issuing almost the same apology copy,Usually a word for 訳 is in the air and a word for せ (Moshi wake gozaimasen, the highest level of an apology in Japanese respectivelyism) followed, almost as agreed, by a swift 90-degree bow.Later, with a flurry of shutter snaps, some of the men’s “Mediterranean” hairstyles were highlighted by a barrage of memorized flashbulbs.By this time, you must feel that Japanese companies after a scandal, such a sincere attitude of apology, then the subsequent treatment must be as smooth as their apology.But don’t underestimate the Japanese culture of apology.In the context of Japanese culture, the solemn 90-degree bow is not only an expression of sincere attitude, but also tends to have a deeper meaning: since I have apologized, the matter is over.True, an apology does not necessarily mean a truly thorough and reasonable resolution of the scandal;On the contrary, the true meaning of Japanese apology is that apology itself is the next solution to solve the scandal, and the final solution to the problem is apology itself.Isn’t it magical?Isn’t it weird?However, in the territory of Japanese culture, such a move of The Japanese enterprise may not be forgiven by the affected Japanese people, but the Japanese people have been influenced by this culture for a long time, but also acquiesces in the rationality of this move.Why did Che Jun mention the 90° standing bow repeatedly before the article?What you may not know is that for the head of an enterprise, standing and bowing at 90 degrees is the “limit” they can accept.In Japan’s “apology culture”, there are actually two more powerful ways to apologize, as shown below:It can be seen that standing bow of 90° can only be considered as the fourth grade in the sixth grade in Japanese “apology culture”, while the bow of some enterprise leaders stays in the third grade (matsusho Two/Sumanai). There are two more excellent bow ways: kneel.And perhaps watched the Japanese drama “half ze naoki” friends at this time should recall some of the story, the play, the protagonist half ze naoki in order to let their boss big and tian executive half ze family had done “evil” apology, at all costs, is to make big and tian knee,Kneel up and play a classic scene called Japan げ lyv/Dozage.From “craftsman spirit” to “bow craftsman spirit”, from “Japan made” myth to scandal outbreak, from 90° standing bow to “earth under the seat”, Japan is really a magical country.They do have things to learn from us, but in some places the sheen is peeling.Speaking of which, how long can Lexus go on telling the story of craftsman spirit?That depends on how long it takes for the “real life” version of this story to reach middle-aged people picking up their pockets.We only focus on producing original car content. 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